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25 Nov

Participation Activities | Good Grade Guarantee!

Participation Activities
Participation Activities
Week 2 – Participation Activity 1(4 marks)RequirementsUsing the guidelines in ‘How to email your lecturer’ in the Week 2 reading on the Moodle website, write an email to your local lecturer to introduce yourself.Draft your email in a Word document. The body of the email should briefly explain why you are sending the email, and have two main parts:
Part A -a Personal Biography; and
Part B – a description of which COIT20249 Unit Learning Outcome (ULO) you think will be most helpful for you when you graduate as an ICT professional.
The email should be written in first person as you are writing about yourself. The message should include conventional elements such as a greeting at the beginning followed by a very short paragraph about the purpose of the email followed by Parts A and B.The message should havea salutation at the endand your name. The final part of the email should be a signaturefile containing the following: your full name; student number;course of study;your campus; and workshop details.This Word document MUST be uploaded to Moodle for marking purposes (you do not need to send the actual email).Part A – Personal BiographyWritea well-structured“Personal Biography”. The biography should contain a brief overview of your personal background (your origin), your undergraduate education and work experience. If you have any significant achievements from your personal life, studies or work, you should include those details briefly in the relevant section/s within Part A.Do not write excessively about your family and their achievements. This is a professional introduction; it should be about you.You may not have any work experienceup to now(including any past/present part time or volunteer jobs).  If that is your situation, you should explain in the work experience section why you don’t have work experience and briefly describe your future plans for work.Length of Part A should be around 200 – 250 words. Use subheadings and paragraphs for each theme.Part B –A COIT20249 ULO helpful to you as an ICT professionalCheck page 3 of the COIT20249 Unit Profile to see the eight ULOs. Choose one and define what that ULO means to you. Write about how you think that ULO will be helpful to you as an ICT professional when you graduate. Make sure that you justify why you think it will be helpful to you when you graduate.Please pay close attentionin your response as you will be asked to refer to this section again in the Portfolio assessments.Part B should be about 150 – 200 words.For your convenience the COIT20249 Unit Learning Outcomes are as follows.On successful completion of this unit, you will be able to:
Describe the basic principles and importance of effective interpersonal communication, active listening andreading for meaning.
Demonstrate teamwork skills.
Communicate ideas effectively both verbally and in written form using appropriate language.
Create and deliver effective oral presentations.
Argue the importance of ethics, codes of behaviour, and societal, privacy and legal issues within the ICT industry.
Demonstrate an understanding of common work practices and values operating in the Australian workplace.
Assess how ICT can be used to improve organisational processes.
Evaluate the application of emerging technologies to communication and collaboration.
 SubmissionUpload a copy of the email draft to Moodle (in the form of a MS-Word document). Add all the email header details and the content of the message. The Word document must look like the layout of an actual email. Check the layout of a new email in your email program. Students do not need to send the email to the lecturer. Note your submission should contain text – DO NOT INCLUDE ANY IMAGES. Students will be penalised if there is no text for the marker to provide feedback through Track Changes if necessary. NOTES:
Do not write minor details such as individual grade averages. This is a semi-formal biography (similar to introducing a speaker). Only the key points should be provided.
No external references are needed for this activity. If you are repeating this Unit,self-referencing may be required if you re-use any of the information submitted in a previous attempt.Self-referencing guidelines are available from the Unit Moodle website. However, it is encouraged to use fresh details wherever possible.
This assessment is about you. Write in your own words, using first person format.
Total word count is around 350-450 words.
 Marking CriteriaFormat of email (1 mark – 0.25 for each section):The email should have appropriate entries for the following fields:
‘To’field and ‘From’ field – To: <the email address of the local lecturer>,From: <Your CQU student email address>; and the ‘Date’field<Date of the email>.
Subject field (Unit Code: brief summary to indicate the topic of your email). See week 2 reading ‘How to email your lecturer’ for more details. COIT20249 is the Unit Code.
An appropriate greeting at the beginning of the message followed by one or twosentences introducing the purpose of the email.
An appropriate salutation at the end of the email including your name. Plus your email signature which must contain your full name, student number, course of study, campus and workshop number as needed. Note that your course of study is the degree in which you are enrolled.
Message (2.5 marks):
Part A:5 marks(0.5 marks for each theme) for personal information, education and work experience.
Part B:1 mark(0.5 marks for each area) for the definition of the ULO and how that ULO will be helpful to you as an ICT professional when you graduate. Must justify why you think it will be helpful to you when you graduate.


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