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3 Feb

Patient satisfaction AssignmentTutorOnline | Good Grade Guarantee!

Refer to Patient satisfaction Problem 6.15. The hospital administrator wishes to determine the best subset or predictor variables for predicting patient satisfaction.
a. Indicate which subset of predictor variables you would recommend as best for predicting patient satisfaction according to each of the following criteria:
(4) PRESSp ‘ Support your recommendations with appropriate graphs.
b. Do the four criteria in part (a) identify the same best subset? Does this always happen?
c. Would forward stepwise regression have any advantages here as a screening procedure over the all-possible-regressions procedure?
Problem 6.15
Patient satisfaction. A hospital administrator wished to study the l-elation between patient satisfaction (Y) and patient’s age (X I, in years), severity of illness (X2, an index), and anxiety level (X3 an index). The administrator randomly selected 46 patients and collected the data presented below, where larger values of Y, X2 , and X3 are, respectively, associated with more satisfaction, increased severity of illness, and more anxiety.
a. Prepare a stem-and-leaf plot for each of the predictor variables. Are any noteworthy features revealed by these plots?
b. Obtain the scatter plot matrix and the correlation matrix. Interpret these and state your principal findings.
c. Fit regression model (6.5) for three predictor variables to the data and state the estimated regression function. How is b2 interpreted here?
d. Obtain the residuals and prepare a box plot of the residuals. Do there appear to be any outliers?
e. Plot the residuals against , each of the predictor variables, and each two-factor interaction term on separate graphs. Also prepare a normal probability plot. Interpret your plots and summarize your findings.
f. Can you conduct a formal test for lack of fit here?
g. Conduct the Breusch-Pagan test for constancy of the error variance, assuming log σi2 =
State the alternatives, decision rule, and conclusion.

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