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15 Oct

Physical and Political Characteristics and the Impact of a COVID-19 Pandemic


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Write Paper A(500 words min). Include a title page and organize the paper using the headings and levelsbelow. Double-space the entire paper. Use page numbers beginning with the title page. Use paragraph form fordiscussion. Unless it is your opinion, all statements must have in-text citations and end references. Referencescannot be more than 10 years old. See the Nursing Student Writing Guidelines Checklist for APA formatting.Title Page(page 1)Title of paper(bold), author name, school name (listed & centered on the title page)Title of Paper (Top of page 2, Level 1, centered, bold)Honduras: Physical and Political Characteristics and the Impact of a COVID-19 PandemicGlobal Location, Geography, and Transportation (Level 2, title case, flush left, bold]Describe the location on the globe and the geography of your country. Does your country have large areas withno people (rainforests, deserts, savannas), small villages or towns, small or large cities? What is the climate?How are most goods and people transported (roads [type], rivers, railroads, vehicles, etc.?How does the location, geography, climate, and transportation in your country impact the spread of COVID-19?For example, densely populated cities, slums, and refugee camps would encourage the spread of the virus.Isolated rural areas often lack access to adequate sanitary conditions, nutrition, and health care.Population, Race, and Ethnicity (Level 2, title case, flush left, bold)What racial, and ethnic groups make up the population? Are there minorities and/or large numbers of displacedpeople or refugees who, because of their lack of status, discrimination, or location, cannot access health careduring a COVID-19 pandemic?Government (Level 2, title case, flush left, bold)What type of government does your country have? Is the government stable or are there civil wars, wars withother countries, or terrorist attacks that have destabilized the country and the leaders’ability to govern? Doesthe country’s budget historically lack funds to respond to any health care needs of its citizens, including aCOVID-19 pandemic?Economy (Level 2, title case, flush left, bold)Describe the economy. What are the country’s exports, and what has to be imported to support the economy?What is the gross national product (GNP) and how does that compare to other countries? Knowing the impactCOVID-19 had on thriving economies, what do you expect the impact will be (who and what would be mostaffected) on this country’s economy?References (Top of next page, Level 1, centered, bold)See reference formats. References are double spaced, the order is alphabetical, 1st line is flush left and 2ndline (if any) is indented 5-7 spaces.Resource:Brigida, A. (2020, April 22). Central America: Unrest, repression grow amid coronavirus crisis. Al JazerraNews.https://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/central-america-unrest-repression-grow-coronavirus-crisis200422202713659.htmlSearch Hints for Paper AFind the official websites of the global organizations/agencies and look up your selected country for the mostcurrent health information and statistics. Begin with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the CentralIntelligence Agency (CIA).Do internet and library searches using the name of your selected country and the headings listed above as“keywords
Physical and Political Characteristics and the Impact of a COVID-19 Pandemic

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