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12 Mar

PHYSICAL ASSETS REGISTER AssignmentTutorOnline | Good Grade Guarantee!

Assets Register
ID number
Model number
Serial number
Purchase Value
Purchase date
Current value / Depreciation
Dimensions (mm): Width:950 Depth:588 Height:533 Weight:93.00 kg Dual PID Dual Boiler Saturated Groups Piero Group Caps Eco Mode Cup warmer Barista light
La mazocco
LA 3GP com
30 mar 19
Counter bar
 Fuel cost per 1000km:$105.0 Dimension: Length:4408 mm Width:1773 mm Height:1823 mm
Caddy 2KN SWB Auto MY19
19 Feb 19
Rented commercial carpark
 3 Door Gastronorm Underbench Fridge 464L
 4 mar 19
 Kitchen area

Name of equipment: Coffee machine
Manufacturer’s contact details: 1300 007 387
Label: LA 3GP com
Date of purchase: 30 March 2019
Serial Number: SKU: 3GP LINEA PB
Person responsible for the equipment: Head Barista
Manufacturer: Petra Equipment
Date put into service: 2 Apr 2019
Maintenance frequency: End of every shiftMaintenance details: Step One Make sure your grinder is dialled in with your grind close to your desired recipe.Step Two Load and lock in your portafilter.Step Three On the left group, hold the continuous button until the green LED flashes.Step Four You are now in programming mode.Step Five On the same head, select the double shot button and begin your timer.Step Six Stop at the desired yield by pressing the same button 3g before your desired yield.Step Seven Stop at the desired yield by pressing the same button 3g before your desired yield.Step Eight Repeat the process for the double ristretto and purge buttons.Step Nine Once all buttons are programmed on the left group, move to the next group and repeat.Step Ten Test volumetrics by weighing yield. Allow a tolerance of +/- 1g
Name of equipment: Caddy Car
Manufacturer’s contact details: 1800 607 822
Label: Caddy 2KN SWB Auto MY19
Date of purchase: 19 feb 2019
Serial Number: TSI2202
Person responsible for the equipment:
Manufacturer: Volkswagen
Date put into service:
Maintenance frequency: Inspect car on regular basis or every three month or sixth monthMaintenance details: Tyre pressure Lights Windscreen washer Coolant level Engines oil level Clean battery terminal and top Check spark plugs Check radiator and heater hoses Change the air cleaner element
Name of equipment: 3 door underbench fridge
Manufacturer’s contact details: 1300 659 409
Label: SKU: GN3100TN
Date of purchase: 4 march 2019
Serial Number: GN3UN464L
Person responsible for the equipment:
Manufacturer: The source federal Hospitality
Date put into service: 4 April 2019
Maintenance frequency: every three to six monthMaintenance details: Condenser coil Door seal or gaskets Evaporator drain holes and pansMaintenance recommendation Regularly cleaning it will help to work more effectively. Poorly maintained and cleaned refrigerators are more likely to consume more energy than necessary and may cost you more than you need in repairs and replacement parts.

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Disruptions in operations
Coffee machines
The technology help you save the time but when there is a problem it creates an issue as things or work in the store will depend on that. The certain issue that rises in the machines are that when there is a leakage. It can occur due to blockage in the water pipe or when waste box of machine gets blocked. This can lead to bad taste of coffee as water won’t boil up appropriately. If this happens cleaning can be done but if the problem persist than the machine needs to be shut down and mechanic for that is to be called or else the machine will start pumping the current and the person working can get a shock.
WHS issues
Work, health and safety forms an important issue in the coffee shop. Various issues are to be considered before so as to minimize the risk of health and safety. The issues that might occur lesser space due to which staff has to walk through each other while carrying a coffee. That might lead to an accident and spilling of hot coffee on staff or customer which needs to be taken care of. Another hazard that can occur is when someone’s hand get cut in the blender. For that first aid kit should be made available and people working needs to be given training for what is to be done.
Cost requirements
A coffee machine can be repaired and maintained at a cost of $80/ hour and repairs are required after every 8 or 9 months.
Caddy car (Van)
For a truck there are various issues that can occur. The tyre can burst, engine might have issues which will halt the operations as truck won’t be in service till the time it is repaired. With that there are various parts in the caddy car which can broke or the battery may die. Sparkling is also an issue which will break the truck and effect the operations that will hamper the business and can bring in losses for the company.
WHS issue
There are various WHS issues regarding heavy vehicles. Proper equipment’s which are trademarked needs to be used. Tyres of best quality are to be put in. With that loads of the truck should be according to the specified limit. Hydraulic systems and the requirements of first aid should be there. Equipment’s used in small breakdowns should be installed in usable condition. Drive away brake and interlocks are to be required so as to maintain the WHS standards.
Cost requirements
For driving the truck a person is required which will cost around $90 per hour. Than for materials and servicing which is required after every 2000 miles when oil is to be changes, suspension and engine are to be rebuild. Tyres are check for their air pressure and other parts are corrected that will cost around $800 after every 6 months.
Door Gastronorm Underbench Fridge 464L (door under bench fridge)
There are various problems that occur in the fridge which disrupts the functioning, which are cooling not being done properly due to less coolant in the fridge. Leakage occur when de frost button is pressed due to tilting of tray. This can impact the operations as when fridge stops functioning the things kept inside it to protect from getting ruined will get ruined. This will in turn will increase the cost as raw materials can’t be stored and if required it might happen that they are not available. It will also lead to dissatisfaction among customers as they won’t get what they want due to unavailability of raw materials,
WHS issue
It should be made sure that fridge has a trademark which marks the quality of the components used. Fridge while being placed should be checked that it is not near any conductor of light as it will pass the current also. This may harm the customer or workers.
Cost requirements
Different parts of refrigerator has different cost of repairing. An ice tray repair will cost around $330. If there are noises in the fridge than it will cost around $50 for the repair. Other than that, servicing charges for getting in checked for the gas and other parts will cost around $100.
These are the cost, WHS and various repairmen issues that might occur in the machines being purchased.

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