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21 Nov

Physical Environment


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About Amazon enters the Middle East
Term Course Project Paper requirements
1. APA style format
2. 15 pages (excluding title, reference, charts, graphs, and tables)
3. Must include all sections outlined in the instructions
The following is an outline of what the paper should contain:
1. Introduction
1. A brief overview of the company, its main products, target country, main target markets, and primary entry strategy
2. Situational Analysis
. Company Analysis
. Market Analysis
2. Business Environment analysis
2. Political/Legal/Institutional Environments
2. Regulatory Environment (Present and anticipated)
2. Economic Environment (Conditions and Trends)
2. Social and Cultural Environment (Factors and Trends)
2. Demographic Environment (Data and Identification of Trends)
2. Technological Environment (Factors and Trends)
2. Natural Environment (Effect of Seasonal or Climatic Factors)
2. Physical Environment (Infrastructure Indicators)
. Nature of Demand
3. Size and Extent of Demand
. Structure of the Industry
4. Cost Structure of the Industry
4. Competitive Structure of the Industry
. Competitor Analysis (in the country of investment)
· Objectives
. International Objectives
. Market Objectives
· Recommended Marketing Strategy
. Target Markets Identification and Segmentation Strategy
. Market Positioning
. Market Entry Strategy
· Marketing Mix and Tactics
. Product/Service and Branding Strategy
. Place (Distribution) Strategy
. Price Strategy Structure
. Promotion Strategy (including Promotional Budget)
· Implementation and Control
. Formal Project Plan for Implementation of Recommendations
. Formal Contingency Plans
· Conclusion
· References
· Appendices

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