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2 Feb

Picture a fictitious alien ghost | Good Grade Guarantee!

In this program, you will use what you have learned about arrays to make a “Game of Life” simulation. Picture a fictitious alien ghost town with 10 houses in a circle, like so (image courtesy colourbox.com). They are labeled here from 0 to 9. Assume one villager lives in each house. At the beginning of the program only one villager is alive, in house #5. This is the first generation.• You must use an array to keep track of the dead/alive state of each villager. This array is provided for you. Rename it if you wish. 2 3.2 Method Requirements Your program must include the following 4 methods (please name them appropriately and provide JavaDoc for them). None of these methods return values. Remember, when you see the word “given” below, it is talking about parameters. • Given a boolean array, print its contents on one line using System.out methods. • Given a boolean array, fill the array with values so that all elements except for the middle one are false, and the middle element is true. • Given a boolean array that is full of true and false values, calculate the true/false values for the next generation and store those values into the array. Use the algorithm in Section 2.1 to calculate the next generation’s values. • Given a boolean array, run a simulation of the Game of Life by repeatedly finding the next generation and then calling the displayPopulationStatus() method to print out the array. This method should be very small and should call your other methods.

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