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15 Oct

Picture Book Walk Lesson Plan


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Special educators have the important task of creating and implementing lesson plans that effectivelydifferentiate instruction, meet student needs, and are aligned to appropriate state standards. Planning effectivelanguage arts lessons includes accommodating all students, incorporating interesting materials, and meetingstandards and student IEP objectives. It is essential to model pre-reading, during reading, and after readingmetacognitive strategies and to incorporate cross-curricular content areas in reading and language artslessons.Using the “COE Lesson Plan Template,” create a cross-curricular lesson plan that incorporates a picture walkand is specific to the needs of students in the “Class Profile.” Select a K-3 grade level and align your lesson tothe Arizona or other state academic content standards. Using an appropriate non-fiction picture book,incorporate the following into your lesson plan:Pre-reading strategies and activitiesDuring reading strategies and activitiesVocabulary developmentInteractive differentiation activitiesAfter reading activities and strategiesWritten language and oral language activitiesIn addition, rationalize your instructional choices in a 250-500 word reflection, citing appropriateness forstudents detailed in the “Class Profile.” Explain how you will use your findings in your future professionalpractice.
Picture Book Walk Lesson Plan

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