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Activity: For this activity, you will be required to write a short play. It only has to be one scene, and it must follow the rules of Aristotle’s Poetics. Go back and review this material to ensure that you have a grasp of it.Your job is to pick a person in history that is admired for standing up to authority. You could look into Jim Crow Laws, Civil Rights Movement, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, etc. There are so many options here!In your play, you need to describe the situation and motivation for this person to take such action. What gave this person the courage to stand up for what he/she believed? Was it religious, political, etc? WHY did this person oppose some type of authority? What were the short and long term effects of this eventual opposition for this person and society?
Writing – Play Scoring Guide – 100 Points Possible Points Received Points PossibleDevelops an original play that includes necessary element: list and descriptions of characters; background information; dialogue; and stage directions. (Content)
Includes the necessary elements of a play: exposition; conflict; rising action; climax; falling action; and denouement. (Ideas)
Uses sentences that are appropriate and vary in length and structure. Uses language that is precise; Employs active verbs; No clichés are present. Word choices contribute to clarity and interest. Phrases are largely memorable. (Writing)
Mostly follows rules of spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar as well as appropriate format. (Conventions)
Margins: 1 in; Font size: 12pt; Font Type: Times New Roman; Double spaced; 1st page title page (with name, teacher name, course title, and date); Assignment name; Indent first line of paragraph; (Format/Presentation)


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