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24 Aug

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One attachment is assessment n another is required reading for it. Assessment 1 – Clinical Reasoning Cycle
August 24, 2019

If the essay is more than 10% above the word count this will be taken into account when determining the
August 24, 2019

Please see the WIN Essay Writing Guide, or any of the above staff if you are in any doubt as to how to dothis.You should then open some of the articles suggested by your search. Try reading the summary (knownas the abstract) at the beginning and skim the Introduction and conclusion. Discard the articles that dontappear too relevant and continue until you gather 6-10 references that cover the topic. If you select thatnumber, it is likely that you will find articles that take different approaches, or which have useful casestudies, or well written explanations of the models, and so on.Alternatively, instead of placing key wordsin the search engine, you can look up relevant journals that each database has. A list of relevant journalscan be found on page 19 of the HR Strategy subject outline. A couple of additional journals are•International Journal of Employment Studies,• Employment Relations Record and• InternationalEmployment Relations Review.Once you have opened a selected journal, you can then either skim thecontents page of recent issues for articles that seem relevant, or you can use the search engine for thatjournal. Then proceed as above (open articles and read the abstract etc to determine relevance).D.Assistance on accessing articles, or on essay writing skills can be sought from any of the followingstaff:Bella Carr – Study Support Officer (See reception for appointment)Manju Sharma — StudentSupport Officer (See reception for appointment)Nina Suprun — Librarian (Available during normallibrary opening hours)orB. Required Length of Essay:The maximum length for the essay is 2000 words,and the minimum length is 1600 words. Answers outside this range will be penalised.It is expected that agood answer to the essay question can be written in approximately 1800 words.Suggested word ranges foreach section are —Introduction: 200-250 wordsBody — Main Idea 1: 400-500 wordsBody — Main Idea2: 400-500 wordsBody — Main Idea 3: 400-500 wordsConclusion: 200-250 wordsA,9-0 rjATotal length:1600 — 2000 wordsC. Research Requirements for the essay:In order to research relevant material for your

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