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23 Aug

Policy Change Proposal – NO PLAGIARISM

Health Sector Policy Change Proposal: Identify a real work health sector topic where a Public Policy (not internal policy) is needed to address a key issue and create a positive change. Explore the issue to create a proposal advocating for change being sure to research the organization and the presenting need for change. The Policy should be a proposed change to law or regulation in MN.
– The written proposal for change should include the following:
– an overview of topic/issue
– identification of the policy change/solution needed
– justification for the policy change/solution
– key stakeholders involved
– a brief equity analysis
– procedures and practices involved
– ethical considerations
– a clearly described proposed change (i.e. policy change),
– impact of the proposed change (i.e. policy change) on stakeholders including vulnerable adults
– how you would influence/advocate and lobby for change
– who would be for and against this proposal?
– what would the arguments be on both sides?
This academic paper should cite relevant resources to support all declarative statements and conclusions using proper APA writing style.


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