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26 Aug

Policy Presentation Final Assessment | Good Grade Guarantee!

Policy Presentation Final Assessment

For this final project, you are analyzing a policy and making a presentation to the Board of Directors on how it should be changed. You are presenting the policy to the hospital board, explaining its purpose, the content, how it will be deployed, and any existing problems it might be used to fix. Keep in mind that in most hospitals, the Board is made up of community members, and not medical personnel. Thus, make sure to fully explain electronic information laws and regulations, and why your new policy exists.
To start, find online, one existing hospital policy involving electronic information, EHRs, cut and paste, retention, or any related policy you can find. There are many, but here are some examples:
These are just examples. There are hundreds available on any electronic information topic you choose. It is preferable that you find your own.
Create a PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of 12-15 slides. It must be free of grammatical and spelling errors. At the bottom of each slide, in the “Notes” section, place the content of what you would tell the Board of Directors for each of your slides. Make sure to completely develop each of your ideas—one liners will not get much credit.
You must provide supporting research and include in-text citations either on each slide or in the speaker notes for all facts and non-original ideas. The last slide must be an APA formatted References slide.
NOTE: Do not save your presentation as a .PDF file or the speaker notes will not appear
Save your file as a Power Point presentation (.ppt or .pptx)Include the term Policy and your Last Name when saving your file. Example:Policy_Smith.docxUpload your completed document using the Browse button, and then click the Submit button.
Points Possible: 50 5 points for title and summary/conclusion slides 5 points for 12-15 slides in logical order 20 points for Notes content that clearly presents the policy, explains why it is needed, and what it will accomplish 5 points for consistent, easy to read slide design 5 points for writing mechanics 5 points for references in correct format 5 points for appropriate images or graphics
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