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17 Oct

Political Science 1300


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Political Science 1300Second ExaminationPart A. – Essay QuestionsFor the second examination, please answer TWO of the following questions in essay form. Each answer should be between 250 and 500 words. Each question will be worth 50% of your grade for this exam. I am not going to light it on fire if it is longer or shorter, but I did want to give you some parameters. Also, if you ever question whether or not to include an idea or an example, I would suggest that you err on the side of caution and do so.Please contact me with any questions.1. One often hears references to the power of a nation. Yet, determining the components of power has often proven to be rather elusive. Describe and explain the main components of power as discussed in the class. Which do you believe to be most important and why? Finally, are there any additions or deletions that you would make? Be sure to support your decisions.2. Describe the assets and detriments of nationalism. Do you believe this to be a positive, or a negative force in world politics? Be sure to support your position.3. Briefly list and explain the functions of the six main organs of the United Nations. Which of these bodies do you believe to be most important and why? Also, explain why there was a belief that the end of the cold war would give the United Nations new relevance? Has this proven to be the case?Be sure and justify your conclusions.4. Perhaps the single most controversial aspect of the United Nations is the existence of PermanentMembers on the Security Council and their attendant ability to veto substantive issues before that body. Explain how this right came to be granted, what it allows a permanent member to do within the UN (Gen Sec, etc). Do you believe that body can be reformed? What might you suggest in this area and what are the obstacles such a plan is likely to encounter.5. List and describe the main tenets of the Islamic faith. Also, explain Muhammad’s experience as a political as well as a religious leader and the ramifications of these for contemporary Islam. Do you believe that Islam is compatible with democracy?Please be sure to support your position.
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