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4 Apr

Portfolio of Work Description


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11.0 Portfolio of Work Description (2,500 Words in Total, 30% Weighting)Below are 5 questions for your portfolio. Students are required to answer all five questionswith a word count of 2,500 words (minimum 250 words per question).Students are required to work alone on this assessment.It is recommended that students complete each question in the week of the lecture andseminar topic. However, the portfolio will not be marked until after week 9.2.0 QuestionsQ1. Examine and describe the role of accounting databases in accounting systemsQ2. How might an enterprise system and business intelligence create more value for anenterprise?Q3. Cross-reference five features from SAP Business By Design to previous lectures from AISand other modules.Q4. Explain and describe the following terms: (a) Entity-level controls, (b) Applicationcontrols; and (c) IT general controls.Q5. What is Enterprise Risk Management? Describe the key features of a spreadsheet riskmanagement programme that could reduce spreadsheet risk.3.0 Structure and ContentThe portfolio covers 5 topics areas on:1. Databases2. Business Intelligence and integrated enterprise systems3. Enterprise Systems such as SAP4. Fraud, security and control5. Enterprise Risk ManagementThe Portfolio should be written in MS word or in a PDF format. It must be submitted as asingle document and include:• A cover page with the candidate number and module name;• An index of contents including the 5 questions, page numbers, a section forreferences and any appendices;• Every question has had a practical component as covered in the seminar. It isessential that you include screenshots of your work into the portfolio, so we canassess that you have correctly applied the technology.2The word length will be 2,500 words in total. In addition there is a minimum of 250 wordsper question.Tables in the body of the text are included in the word count, but references andappendices are excluded from the word count.4.0 Marking and AssessmentMarks will be given based on the generic Level 5 criteria which all have an equal weight:1. Knowledge and Understanding (20%)2. Application (20%)3. Critical Thinking (20%)4. Reading & Research (20%)5. Presentation & Style (20%)Any absence of screenshots in each question will mean that we do not have sufficientevidence to assess your knowledge and understanding and application of the contentcovered.For further details on each criteria please see the additional file on Canvas (expected at level5.pdf).This assignment is submitted through Turnitin. All policies and potentially late penalties forformative coursework apply.5.0 Mapping to Learning OutcomesThe Portfolio helps to assess all aspects of the learning outcomes of this course:1. Analyse accounting information systems and identify how they support theorganisation’s objectives and operations.2. Critique control activities and detect control weaknesses individually andcollaboratively.3. Apply technologies that support accounting information systems.4. Explain how accounting information systems can support ethical and sociallyresponsible behaviours by and within organisations.

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