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18 Oct

Precis on David Hume


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Instructions for this assignment are attached in a file. Please write 1000-1500 words. Use only “The ClassicalUtilitarians: Bentham and Mill” and “An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals” as your two sources forwriting this paper and make sure to include page numbers when you are citing them. Less than half of theessay should be a summarization of Hume’s moral philosophy (as per his book), 1/4 of the paper should be acritical comparison of the Utilitarianism of Mill and Hume. This should be a compare and contrast of theirphilosophies as per the books. The last >1/4 of the paper should be a critical engagement with some aspect ofHume’s theory (sentiment, the method, race, gender, the monster, etc..). This should be most of the secondhalf of the paper- write more on this than on comparing Mill and Hume
Precis on David Hume

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