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13 Mar

Prepare a power point slides… | Good Grade Guarantee!

Prepare a power point slides for given research paper-
In the recent past the web has been embraced by millions of users and businesses as a means of communication, information exchange as well as carrying out transactions. The web provides a means for marketers to reach out to their existing and potential customers. It is also a sales channel for many organizations. Data is captured, stored, processed and transmitted using web applications that consist of forms, shopping carts, and content management systems. Web applications present computer programs that allow visitors to a website to retrieve or submit data to a database over the internet with the help of web browsers.
Although the web offers many benefits to users the web application development process is faced with many challenges. Major changes in web application development have been affected by the introduction of new tactics, tools, and libraries. In order to achieve successful web applications.
The aim of this research paper is to highlight web application development challenges that businesses should address. The information used in this research will be drawn from textbooks, web resources, and journals. Since more web applications continue to be developed daily, this research will make a contribution to issues that need to be addressed when developing an application. This research will be of benefit to organizations and other web application users to develop products.
Research Question
The research question for this study will be:
How can the challenges that face the development of web applications be addressed?
There is a growing concern in the manner in which web applications are developed, their quality, maintainability, and integrity. Some web applications fail due to various reasons which could be as a result of how the application was developed.

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