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5 Apr

Principles of Storytelling


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Principles of Storytelling Final Paper   Applied Learning Assignment Choose one of the topics below and write a 5-7 page paper, double-spaced, 12-point type, with pages numbered at the bottom of every page, a title for the paper, and your name both on the first page and in the file name.  Be sure to document any sources you use in the correct APA citation formats.  You will be submitting this assignment through Turnitin.com by the end of week fourteen (the next to last week of class).  (100 points)     1)            Choose a well-known company or brand or product, and using what you have learned about narrative structures and techniques this term, design an effective story for a television commercial.  After you have pitched the commercial in detail, explain how you would expect to affect viewers (both emotionally and in terms of behavioral response).  Then, analyze the techniques you used to achieve those effects.  Draw conclusions about the consequences and implications of your findings.   2)            Examine a local campaign for a political candidate or a ballot initiative or proposition, and describe the narrative structures and techniques being used in the promotional materials.  Analyze how the different pieces of information are held together through narrative considerations such as associations of metaphor and metonymy, frame, viewpoint and point of view, plot structure, motivation, character development, setting, timing, etc.   Explain how voters’ responses are being conditioned by these various devices.  Draw conclusions about the consequences and implications of your findings.   3)            Choose a news story that is currently being discussed on different networks or in different media (print, television, radio, and digital), and look at the different ways that different journalists shape their stories.  Consider how the way that stories get told affect their interpretation.  Draw conclusions about the consequences and implications of your findings.     The following considerations will be used in determining the grade for the paper:     Application of course concepts to real-world situations (25%) Analysis and interpretation  (25%) Organization of argument (25%) Grammar, style, and format  (25%)
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Principles of Storytelling
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