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30 Jun

Project Management – General Conditions contract.


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1. Consider your close circle of friends; you are known as a professional with the backgroundin architectural engineering and construction, currently upgrading your qualifications bycompleting MCM at Deakin University.2. One of your friends (Giulietta) approached you proposing management of a projectinvolving construction of her house. Giulietta wants the project to be known as “The houseat my place – THAMP”.3. She proposes that you will be contracted as the Project Manager under the AS4915-2002Project Management – General Conditions contract.4. The ultimate product of the THAMP project is a two-storey building. The basic designdocumentation was given to you for your consideration and Giulietta assumes you evaluatethe design from ‘value engineering/management’ viewpoint. Please see the 2020-T1 caseproject folder in the CloudDeakin site of SRM752 unit.5. All preliminary works (site surveying, etc) and permits (planning, building, no-go zone, etc)necessary to start and continue constructions are finalised/granted.6. Location of the building is still to be decided by Giulietta and her decision to choose herpreferred location is based on your advice. However, the location must be either in theGreater Melbourne ()or Greater Geelong [] boundaries.7. Giulietta confirmed that she has financial resources to complete the THAMP project8. As you currently have some spare capacity in terms of your professional engagements,you have gladly accepted the offer and signed out the AS4915-2002 contract for the valueof $5,000 ($3,425 + $1,575) with your client (Giulietta), at this stage just for the preparationof project management plan (PMP).9. Based on the merit of your plan Giulietta is willing to engage you as the Project Managerwith professional fees of 14% of the total cost of the THAMP project for management of theTHAMP project.10. Giulietta has given you three months to prepare the THAMP project management plan forthe construction and management of the project resources.11. You have no access to any resources from the so called “parent organisation”. So, in orderto complete the THAMP project, you will need to perform either, by yourself any necessarymanagerial and/or construction tasks, or commission service(s) from others
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