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30 Jul

Project: Summary and feasibility analysis rationale


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Module Project: Summary and feasibility analysis rationaleYou have a great idea for a new venture and have discovered a phenomenal opportunity in a rapidly growing emerging market. What do you do next?While there are any number of things you could do, perhaps one of the most prudent is to find a way to finance your venture. That means meeting with a myriad of potential investors and trying to convince them just how great of an opportunity your idea and market truly are. Unfortunately, regardless of the size and type of your proposed venture, finding enough money to start is usually a significant challenge.In order to better your chances, a feasibility analysis is an excellent tool to leverage your chances to find money as it allows you to systematically break down and evaluate the potential of your project. Consequently, the first part of such a feasibility analysis is your next task for your Module Project. For this Assignment, you need to incorporate viable feedback (from your colleagues and Instructor) for your venture idea, which you developed during Week 1, and prepare it for evaluation by potential investors. This means summarising your entire venture idea in 1,000 words or less. Moreover, you must include the first part of your feasibility analysis, which is an evaluation of your venture idea’s strengths.To prepare for this Assignment:Review the venture idea you began developing in the Week 1 Assignment.Download and review the Feasibility Analysis Template from the Learning Resources.Complete the Week 3 Collaboration. It will help inform this Assignment.Incorporate all Instructor and viable colleague feedback regarding your venture idea.Research the emerging market within which you will deliver your venture idea. Note that you can incorporate research you conducted during Week 1.Identify the opportunities provided by your venture idea within your selected market.Identify the strengths of your venture idea.Reflect on the personal and/or societal impact your venture might have on its founders, employees, your community and society.To complete this Assignment:By Wednesday (Day 7)Submit a 1000-word paper in which you address the following:Summarise your venture idea, and the market you will deliver it in, from the Week 1 Assignment and present your summary as if you were presenting it to potential investors. In your summary, address the following:· Explain the ways in which your venture idea, within your selected market, is an important opportunity.· Evaluate the impact your venture will have on its founders, employees and society.· Include graphics, tables and/or charts where appropriate.· Complete the first section of the Feasibility Analysis Template, titled ‘Strength of Business Idea’. Identify the strengths of your venture idea, within your selected market, in this section.· Explain the rationale for what you deemed strengths of your venture idea. Would your family and friends agree with you?Fully justify all your assumptions and claims using your own experience, the Learning Resources or your own research. Cite your work using the Harvard Liverpool Referencing System.This Assignment should also be prepared and submitted to Turnitin using the Word (.doc or .docx) format no later than midnight (Day 7) your local time.

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