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6 Sep

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CSC73002 – Network Management
Assignment-2 marking guideline
The following are the major assessment criteria of this assignment
Task 1: Network management environment setup
Select a suitable network management architecture and justify the selection.
Correctly configure SNMPv2c on each network device
Successfully verify SNMPv2 setup with snmpwalk utility
Successfully download, configure and run Zabbix appliance.
Successfully configure Zabbix NMS to discover all network devices
Task 2: Performance baselining
Correctly identify performance parameters for baselining
Correctly calculate the baselines of the parameters
Task 3: Network troubleshooting
Select a troubleshooting approach and correctly follow the approach
Correctly identify the type of information should be collected at each step
Correctly propose the hypothesis to be tested at each step
Task-1: Network management environment setup
Insert the link to your YouTube video of task-1 here:
Task-2: Network Performance Management
Network performance parameters
Briefly describe what performance parameters you will monitor and what they represent.
Performance data collection
Place performance data you have collected for the network here. Organise the data in table with the collection location, date and time. Comment on the data if necessary.
Baseline calculation
Calculate performance baseline from the collected performance data. Show the calculation process and the result.
Task-3: Network Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting approach
Discuss which approach you use to troubleshoot the issue and the reason for your selection.
Troubleshooting plan
Discuss about information you want to gather at each troubleshooting step and methods you would use to obtain the required information.
Discuss the hypothesis to be tested at each step to solve the network issue.


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