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1 Feb

Relation to Historical and Contemporary… | Good Grade Guarantee!

Aims /Objectives: It aims to develop student’s ability to respond to a question about an urban problem, to search and review relevant literature,to discuss key concepts in relation to historical and contemporary examples , and to undertake critical scholarly writing.
Assessment Description:
students will choose one from a list of questions to be supplied early in semesters.In 2000 words they must answer this question using their own independent research and analysis.
Assessment Requirement:
Provide a clear answer to their chosen question.
Write concisely and clearly with sound grammar , syntax, punctuation and spellings.
At least six academic sources will be used as references. At least four of these must come from outside the set tutorial readings.
All ideas, quotations and other information will be correctly referenced.
the writing here will not be purely descriptive. Students will undertake critical analysis.
Assessment criteria:
Students will provide a clear response that demonstrate an understanding of the essay question the have chosen.
Students will make correct use of concepts from the courses.
Students will make use of examples and evidence to support their arguments.
Students will undertake independent searches for / reading of academic sources and correctly reference these sources Students will write clearly and concisely.
Marking Criteria:
Clear written expression – (Fail to achieve a satisfactory level in this criterion will result in a fail)
Expectations: Formal academic English used without spelling and grammar errors and the paper should be correctly structured into paragraphs.
Response to the Question:
Expectations : you should give a clear response to the question that demonstrates an understanding of what is being asked of you.
Critical Analysis:
Expectations: Your essay should be focused on your own analysis, not on merely describing your examples.

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