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7 Apr

Research Method in Outliers


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Outliers (2 pages) -Read one chapter that you found engaging & that you would like to dissect. -Write a brief 2 page discussion: ::Write the author’s research topic. ::Discuss, evaluate and critique the author’s research method. (In other words, how did the author conduct his study, was it a good choice, did it work, what problems did this study have?) ::Explain the authors findings, if you agree / disagree and what potential omissions there are in this study. ::Lastly, list any thoughts, questions or comments you have for the author. In short, you are writing just one response. They’re not essays. They’re more like critiques / break downs. I want to see you thinking through the research process. Additionally, for On Writing Well, make a list of the five qualities of good writing. This should be a brief list of the things you found most relevant – the five qualities of writing that you value.
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Research Method in Outliers
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