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5 Apr

Researching and Writing a Report


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Essay 4: Report with ResearchDue dates:* Completed draft—due to the group portal by Wednesday, November 11, NOON (12 pm)* Final draft—due to the Turn in Essay 4 Here portal, Wednesday, November 18, by 11:59 pmPurpose: Writing this essay will give students an opportunity to practice composing a report and using research.Prepare: Be sure that you have completed all of the reading assignments for Learning Unit 5.Topics: Select one of the following topics:— Inform readers of the value of a craft, for instance, needlework, woodwork, welding, and so forth— Explain a new medical treatment like stem-cell therapy, finding a new vaccination for the Covid-19 pandemic, dry needle therapy, or another therapy— Explain the benefits or dangers of a specific sport like soccer, football, swimming, and so forth— Explain some aspect of a type of classical artistry, for example, dancing ballet or playing a musical instrument— Inform readers of a natural environmental event or happening that may or may not have an impact on human beingsCompose this essay: Following the explanation and guidelines for writing an informative report provided in chapter 12, “Reporting Information” (pp. 129-55) in The Norton Field Guide textbook, write a report on the topic you have selected. You will need to use research to help develop and support your ideas presented in this report.Specific guidelines: a In paragraph 1, introduce the topic on which this report will focus, and present a thesis as the last sentence of the introduction. b Research your topic carefully. Use chapter 46, “Finding Sources” (pp. 445-72) to help you find solid, academic resources. Use the Dallas College library resources to help you. You may use books, eBooks, database articles, Gale Virtual Reference Library database, and the like.c DO NOT use Internet resources that are from the “.com” domain. You may use sources from “.gov” but be careful if you choose any sources from “.edu” or “.org” domains. Be sure these are reputable, nonbiased, and well-informed sites. For example, Wikipedia.org is not an acceptable resource for an academic essay.d DO NOT use any blogs. These are often not well researched.e Follow the guidelines for MLA Manuscript formatting as presented on the MLA Style Center website:f Use MLA style parenthetical in-text citations every time you quote, paraphrase, or summarize information from a source. Include a Works Cited page to document entries for materials you cite in your essay. See Norton, chapters 51 and 52. Not doing these things will result in plagiarism and a grade of 0/zero/F. g Edit carefully using the grammar reading assignments and exercises and the corrections given in Essays 1 and 2 to help you avoid errorsAvoid Plagiarism: Because this essay requires research, be very careful with your use of outside sources. Please be reminded that essays containing plagiarism (in part or in whole) receive the grade ofzero/0/F.Point of view: Write in third person point of view using third person pronouns only. Be careful NOT to use first or second person pronouns.Length: Four pages or at least 950 words
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Researching and Writing a Report
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