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6 Feb

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Jason Connor
Yesterday, 3:44 PM
There are three levels of the management hierarchy, namely Top Management, Middle Management and Supervisory management. Top management would include the C-suite (Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer etc), and executive vice presidents. This layer of management focuses mainly on long range plans for the company and they must be very good at Conceptual Skills This will allow them to plan for growth and when things go wrong create a plan that allows them to weather the storm and come out the other side a stable company. Middle management is in charge of providing the structure to execute those plans. These roles might be regional manager, divisional manager, plant manager, general manager and so on. Human Skills are important here so that they can lead their team in implementation of upper managements plans Finally, supervisory or front line managers are in charge of the non managerial employees, assigning them to their tasks and evaluating performance. For supervisory management technical skills are most important. These allow the supervisor to understand what the employees are doing, mentor them, evaluate them and lead them.

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