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30 Jun

Review the Resource Sheet for this project schedule.


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Project 2-6: Don Funk Music Video ProblemsA student who is interning with your company made some updates to the music videoproject schedule. Unfortunately, he is still learning about Microsoft Project and has enteredsome information incorrectly. You need to correct the problems with the project schedulebefore distributing it to your team.OPEN Don Funk Incorrect 2-6 from the data files for this lesson.1. Review the Resource Sheet for this project schedule.2. Based on what you have learned in this lesson about Resource Types, Maximum Units,and Standard Rates, find the resource errors in this project schedule and makecorrections to them. (Hint: There are three resource errors in the project schedule.)3. Study the last three resources on the sheet. If dry ice is a work resource and bottledwater is a cost resource, make corrections to the information given for these resources(estimate the rate if necessary).4. SAVE the project schedule as Don Funk Corrected and then CLOSE the file.CLOSE Project.

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