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5 Feb

Safety Promotion Info Graphic | Good Grade Guarantee!

A5:Students will be required to submit an infographic, equivalent to 1,200, to report the findings on the safety risk report submitted as written assignment 1. After incorporating the comments from the markers, students will be required to produce an infographic to disseminate the findings of the safe, event, hazard, hazard consequence and contributing factors throughout the organisation.
Due Date: 2 Feb 2020 23:59
Word Length: 1,200 words (equivalent)
Maximum size: 2x A4 Weighting: 30,
Learning Outcomes Relating to this Assessment: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
Individual activity :
Description :-This task is an individual assessment requiring students to communicate the findings found during the written assignment 1, safety risk report, throughout the organisation. The communication should be formatted as an infographic and inform the audience, both front-line operators and management, concisely and visually, using a maximum of 2 pages (A4). Your task is to summarise and graphically display the safety event, 1x hazard, 3x contributing factors, 1x hazard consequence and the 2x proposed solutions. No formal/face-to-face presentation is needed.
• Review and incorporate the comments on the safety risk report.
• Draft a summary of the report highlighting the main information about the safety issue, the hazards, contributing factors, hazard consequence and the safety recommendations.
• Dispose of the information on two pages A4. Remember to use the position of the content as a sequence for your reader.
• Evaluate which text can be replaced by images, figures and charts/graphs. The objective is to ma. the content more attractive through visuals.
• Bring all the pieces together to complete the infographic.

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