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19 Nov

Sanford Biggers Artwork- Kara Walker Revolutionary


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qdThis is Sanford Biggers Artwork paper and Kara Walker Revolutionary. The paper also entails black art in white spaces .
Sanford Biggers Artwork- Kara Walker Revolutionary
(In this essay it should read like a personal review of the Artist and their works, not necessarily the articles. I’d like to highlight how the work of Walker and Biggers has some positive aspects but they are missing the bigger picture of how their art is problematic to black culture and Image. Several question I think of with these Artist are: Does the Artwork of Kara Walker and Sanford Biggers, exploit the black struggle to fit into white spaces? Are white spaces trying to make room for Walker and Biggers? Does black art in white spaces matter?
Sanford Biggers Artwork- Kara Walker Revolutionary
Again I’d like to compliment the Artist some but also kick butt…lioxol I like Biggers more than Walker.
https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/14/arts/design/sanford-biggers-quilt-bronx-museum.html https://pindell.mcachicago.org/the-howardena-pindell-papers/introduction-kara-walker-no-yes/ https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/cultureshock/provocations/kara/3.html https://hyperallergic.com/398123/dear-kara-walker-statement-response.
Walker is known for her ambitious work across mediums interrogating race, sexuality, slavery and identity. her 2014 installation A Subtlety was housed in Brooklyn’s Domino Sugar Factory, attracting over 130,000 visitors to the main giant sphinx sculpture. Fons Americanus is Walker’s fourth site-specific work, and it references classical British artists such as J.M.W.
Turner and William Blake, as well as African-American historical figures including Emmett Till and Marcus Garvey.
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Sanford Biggers Artwork- Kara Walker Revolutionary

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