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6 Feb

Scenario of Robotics Competition: | Good Grade Guarantee!

The program then selects a list of robots for a scenario of robotics competition:
1) Prompt the user to enter 2 variables: finish_line_distance (in m) and finish_time in sec.). The program Then calculates a Trial_speed, using the variable values entered (and formula from previous workshops).
2)The program searches robot information from the Robot_info array to decide which robots are capable of being used for the scenario of robotics competition. That is, for every robots In the array, if Its Top_Speed Is greater than or equal to the Trial_speed, the corresponding robot is considered being capable of being used for the robotics competition, and its information are displayed on screen.
It I up to you to decide the format to display you search result. For example, It may contain below information, like
Where <TS> is the Trial_speed calculated above, and <number> Is the total number of robots stored in the Robot_info that could be used for the competition.
Note: Your program should display an error message if something goes wrong, for example, to dam with the following case/s:
• If any of these variables finish_line_distance and finish_time is entered 0 or less, etc.
(3) Bonus Marks:
You are encouraged to further extend your program to:
• Add menu that not only do the above task but also extra functions, such as
(a) allowing users create (or enter information for) more robots. Use an Integer to keep track of how many robots have been created so far. Be careful— Don’t, allow the user create more than 50;
(b) Searching robot Information by Robot Name, or by Robot number, etc.
• Create a second array of robots to hold the search result for Step (ii), i.e., to hold Information of robots capable of being used of the competition.
• Explain and extend to accommodate more error messages, etc.
Additional work and effort to improve the program and make it more useful can be worth bonus marks. Up to 2 marks can be added for the above Improvement. Again, Bonus marks are not required a. will not improve your grade above 100%.

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