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22 Aug

scenarios legal or illegal pursuant to U.S. law


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Are the actions undertaken by the companies or individuals in the following scenarios legal or illegal pursuant to U.S. law? Please explain each of your answers. Scenario A wire transfer of $200,000 to the Minister of Contracting of Gambia made by Bordeaux Builders, Inc., a French corporation, and originating from its corporate headquarters in New York in order to secure a construction contract. 2. Scenario A birthday card and bottle of California wine sent annually by Woody Pulp, the chief executive officer of Pacific Paper Products, Inc., a U.S. corporation, to his long-standing friend who is the Director of Government Procurement for the Japanese government. 3-Scenario A cash payment of $100 made by an agent of Chicago Chemicals Company, a U.S. corporation, to a processing clerk in the Chilean Office of Business Licensing in order to expedite consideration of CCC’s application for authority to conduct business operations in Chile.
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