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20 Nov

Second Revision of Research Proposal 3


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Second Revision of Research Proposal 3
1-inch margins, 11/12-point font, double-spaced, use APA…APA header levels for each section…. same font size for entire paper.
Abstract is not in APA format.
There are no keywords included.
Table of Contents need to be revised …does not match.
The introduction has been cut down by about 200 plus words… not good….I need the paper to be longer not shorter.
Literature highlights needs to be expanded drastically. The professor wont accept the short paragraph.
Chapter 3, QUANTITATIVE METHODOLOGY ONLY PLEASE” “The proposed research will comprise of qualitative as well as quantitative research methodology”…..the expert did not even read the paper…..we eliminated qualitative research. Correct? Aaaagh! What is the correct methodology for quantitative research?
There was no data or data source provided – I explained I can perform statistical analysis easily in Stata and write up a paragraph of findings but you did not provide me anything.
There is no mixed methods of sampling on research design. Existing quantitative data only.
Sampling, sampling size etc…. we are not conducting any surveys. That falls under qualitative sampling. This is an EXISTING QUANTITATIVE DATA SSTUDY ONLY.
Revised Survey and Interview tools and techniques and sample elements are all wrong —-for quantitative research.
Power Point Presentation Slides
Slide 2 – LEGEND is WRONG…. No discrimination to Arabs permitted. Definition: Sub–Saharan Africa is, geographically and ethnoculturally, the area of the continent of Africa that lies south of the Sahara. According to the United Nations, it consists of all African countries and territories that are fully or partially south of the Sahara.
Sides 3 & 4 – why are you defining terminology – introduce food insecurity is SSA instead.
Slide 6 – what does ‘an analysis od food insecurity in SSA have to do with the common dishes in 4 countries in Africa?
Slide 8 – every challenge brought up needs to have been discussed in the proposal —- its not matching.
Slide 9 – need to be discussed fully in the proposal as a solution to the challenges.
Slide 10 – these consequences are not discussed in the proposal.
Slide 11 – TITLE please – and we are back to introduction of wiping hunger? COVID is not part of the research eliminate please.
Slide 12 – do you have analytical data for this or this is just a picture online. Please eliminate COVID from presentation unless you have data not CDC death data but food insecurity data – how did anyone get it?
Paper 3: Final Version of Research Proposal
Remove objective 4 and Research Question 4 – makes study scope too broad, therefore NO QUALITATIVE RESEACH FOR THIS STUDY PER PROFESORS; Remove Appendices, and any mention of major food companies like Unilever etc. unless quantitative data is being introduced.
Include an abstract
Make any necessary revisions to Research Proposal especially Literature Review and data collection (I am not familiar with SPSS so if I have raw data I can double check stats in Stata or if I have SPSS coding I can attempt on my on I need to double check)
Run any necessary statistics, coding, etc. to begin writing the Findings section of the proposal. See How to Write a Research Proposal guide.
Include the Discussion section of the proposal, evaluating your findings. See How to Write a Research Proposal guide.
Include the Reference page (USE APA formatting)
Include appendices: your instrument, letter of consent, questionnaire, any other forms/documents used in your study.
Can you fix that table of contents?
*You will incorporate all content from papers initial version attached. Your final version MUST look like the template provided See How to Write a Research Proposal guide.
1-inch margins, 11/12-point font, double-spaced, use APA (APA header levels for each section). Final paper will be at minimum 12+ pages, not including appendices and reference pages. You can include tables/figures as part of your main paper. Your final survey will be part of the appendices.
Research Power Point Slides 10-20
Students will reflect on the effectiveness and limitations of their chosen research methods. Describe your research question(s), study purpose, participants, research setting, and your personal subjectivity. This content will allow you to reflect on the research process.
Textbook: Fowler, F. J., (2014). Survey Research Methods (5e). Sage
ISBN: 9781452259000
Optional Text: Dillman, Smyth, Christian (2014). Internet, phone, mail, and mixed methods surveys: The tailored design method. Wiley
ISBN: 9781118456149

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