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1 Jul

Select one of these non-EU member


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Select one of these non-EU member states listed below to discuss alongside the UK in your essay. All of the countries below have signed trade deals with the UK, which will come into effect after Brexit:
• South Korea (signed trade deal with the UK on 22nd August 2019). In 2018, total trade between the UK and South Korea was worth £14.6bn
• Norway (signed trade deal with the UK on 2nd April 2019). Total trade between the UK and Norway was worth £30bn in 2017.
• Israel (signed trade deal with the UK on 18th February 2019) According to the ONS, total trade between the UK and Israel was worth £3.9bn in 2017.
• Switzerland (signed 11 February 2019) Trade between the UK and Switzerland was worth £32.1bn in 2017.
(Data from BBC, 2019)
Aspects to consider:
• Brief background context- what is Brexit and the uncertainty it has caused?
• How will Brexit affect the UK and the other country you have chosen to discuss? What are the terms of their trade agreement and how does this benefit each economy?
• What are the countries’ roles in the world economy?
• Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) trends and foreign value-added activities (drawing on relevant frameworks such as the OLI paradigm).
• Application of appropriate economic trade theory – such as the absolute and comparative advantage
• The inclusion of a relevant company or industry examples to further illustrate the points being made
• Any other relevant considerations, such as the anti-globalization critique or cultural implications, which are of particular relevance for the two counties?
Select one of these non-EU member .

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