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12 Mar

Shooting levels for Excavation/Footings | Good Grade Guarantee!

Task 1— Site Leveling #1 — Shooting levels for excavation /footings for a site
Your Assessor will provide you with a plan and specifications . Complete the leveling „, record all the data and processes in the Job Checklist below. Ensue leveling that he devices. To Leveling activity utilizes use of a spirit level and straight edge and automatic or laser complete the activity, you may utilize the following equipment:• automatic level and levelling staff
• bolt cutters
• chalk lines
• hammers
• laser levels
• laser targets
• marking equipment
• measuring tapes and rules
• plumb bobs
• saw stools
• saws
• signage for laser levelling
• spirit levels and straight edges
• string lines
• water levels
• wooden and steel pegs.
This task requires.• Set up and test levelling equipment
• Transfer levels and record differences in height undertaking a closed traverse using both the rise and fall method and the height of instrument method on a minimum of three projects
• Confirm accuracy of the readings taken, including set up and movement of device in two locations
• Accurately record the results of each levelling procedure to organisational requirements
• Calculate distances using an optical levelling instrument and levelling staff
• Complete the Level Booking Form
Observation Criteria :-
Work instructions, including plans, specifications, quality requirements and operational details, were obtained, confirmed and applied from relevant information
Safety (OHS ) requirements were followed in accordance with safety and plans policies.
Signage and barricade requirements were identified and implemented.
Tools and equipment selected to carry out tasks were consistent with job requirements, checked for serviceability, and any faults are rectified or reported prior to commencement.
Material quantity requirements were calculated in accordance with plans, specifications and .unlit requirements .
Materials appropriate to the work application were identified, obtained, infrared, safe? handled and located read for use.
Environmental requirements were identified for the project in accordance with environmental plans and statutory and regulatory author obligations, and are a..lied. Instrument is accurately set up and tested for operation before commencing levelling activities .
Datum point was set up or located. Readings were taken to datum and at nominated or selected stations, to project specifications. Backsights, intermediate sights and foresights were identified and levels were booked.
Instrument was transferred number of locations and the process was repeated to project specifications.
Accuracy of readings was established using rise and fall method of calculation.
Reduced levels for all stations were identified from the level book calculations.
Instrument is accurately set up and tested for operation before levelling , including levelling equipment /device tolerance checks . heights and levels recorded.
Reduced levels were calculated using height of instrument method.
Reduced levels for all stations were identified from the calculations and specifications.
Readings were taken at nominated or selected stations to project established.
Level readings were taken to datum and the interim reduced level was Datum point was set up or located.
Cross hair readings were checked for accuracy using stadia lines.
Distances were calculated from instrument to stations using staff, stadia .

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