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14 Mar

Short Message Service System | Good Grade Guarantee!

The George Mason University Short Message Service SystemIntroduction:The Short Message Service (SMS), also known as “Text Messaging” is a protocol that is used by George Mason students to communicate with eachother. In fact, many students find it so convenient that they prefer to use it to “talk” to the student on the other side of the table during mealtimesrather than take the effort to actually speak to them directly.Because of the amount of bandwidth being used by students texting one another, George Mason wishes to create an exclusive protocol that studentswill use while on campus in order to cut down on the bandwidth used over the WiFi connections. Since the Computer Science department hasexpertise on such protocols, the university has asked it to assist in developing a separate system for student texting.Details of the SMS Protocol:A typical SMS protocol allows 128 distinct ASCII characters to be used in a message. However, to save bandwidth, instead of using straight 8-bitASCII characters to transfer data (one byte per character), SMS uses 7 bits per character and compacts the bits such that it only requires 140 bytes tosend a 160 character message, for an approximately 12.5% savings of bandwidth.12.5% savings in bandwidth is not good enough for GMU. They would like a system that can save up to 25% of the bandwidth. Therefore, a 160character message must use only 120 bytes of bandwidth. To do this, a character set that uses only 6 bits per character must be developed. This meansthat the maximum number of distinct characters that can be in the “alphabet” is 64. The Department of Linguistics was consulted, and they decidedthat a character set that does not contain any lower case letters, but includes nearly all other printable ASCII characters could be used without majorissues. Therefore, the following code and values were developed as the alphabet to be used for the GMU SMS System.

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