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31 Jul

Skin Scanner Overview


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SkinScannerOverview• Inspired by technology that is beingdeveloped in parts of America• Builds on magnifying technology byincluding a range of other features• Identification of skin type• Risk of developing cancer infuture• Provides option of local GP oronline GP• Extendable armDesignThinkingProcess• Human-centered, solutionbased approach to solvingproblems• Focus on first three stages,with future-oriented plans forfinal two stages‘DoubleDiamond’Approach• Divergent expansiveexperience to convergentnarrowing process• Impact of micro and macrofactorsSynthesis• Generating new ideas bychanging or reapplying existingideas• Ensuring all possible aspects ofproblem have been examined• Skin checks combined withsmartphone technologyStage 1Empathise• Combination of expressed and latentneeds• Need identified during a conversationwith my partner, who kept ‘puttingoff’ getting moles checked at GP• Five brief interviews conducted• Three people had never had askin check• Once person had skin checksregularly but found it to be timeconsuming• One person had eventually hada skin check, but had to haveskin cancer cut outStage 1EmpathiseInsights:• ‘Too expensive’ to go to a privatepractice or ‘too time consuming’ togo to a GP• Skin checks ‘put on the backburner’due to these attitudes• Others also too nervous to get skinchecked in case they receive newsthey don’t want to hearStage 2DefineTarget Personas:• Younger generations – regular useof smartphones/tablets, earlyintervention, making skin checks apriority• Based on skin types (CancerInstitute NSW 2018)‘How Might We’ Questions:• How might we encourage skinchecks from an early age?• How might we provide skin types atrisk with greater convenience whenchecking their skin?Type 1 Always burns easily, never tans, extremely sun sensitiveType 2 Always burns easily, tans minimally, very sun sensitiveType 3 Sometimes burns, tans gradually to light brown, minimally sun sensitiveType 4 Burns minimally, always tans to moderate brown, minimally sun sensitiveType 5 Rarely burns, tans well, skin not sensitive to sunType 6 Never burns, deeply pigmented, skin not sensitive to sunHigher riskLower riskStage 2 – DefineSkinScanner POV personas:• Proactive Checkers• Family history of skin cancer, very aware• Regular skin checks require going to either a private practice or GP• Goal to ensure skin is in best condition possible• Reactive Checkers• Aware of impact of skin cancer• Won’t actively seek skin check, only if skin looks irregular or if friend/family member has had a scare• Seek greater convenience• Self Checkers• Don’t get skin checked at GP as ‘too time consuming’• Occasionally check their own skin• If they do notice something, will put it off – ‘maybe I’ll go but not right now’Stage 3Ideate• Generating ideas from identifiedinsights:• SkinScanner focuses on ‘noexcuses’• Provides luxury of completingskin check using anymobile/tablet devicewherever they desire and atany given time• Using trends to define product:• No longer a ‘slow task’• Specialised offering from acommunity healthperspective• Offers privacy/anonymity, aswell as certaintyStage 4Prototype• Early, inexpensive, scaled-downversion of technology• Bring ideas to life so that users cantry out• Create a Beta version (versionbefore launch) of theSkinScanner magnifier andassociated app• Include a how-to guide onnavigating SkinScannermagnifier/app• Reveal problems with currentdesignStage 5Test• Reveals unexpected insights, increasesuser satisfaction• Focus group of 50 people to test Betaversion of SkinScanner magnifier/app• Use a characterisation andattitudinal pre-screeningquestionnaire• Split into persona groups outlinedin Define Stage• Get them to test all functions, easeof using magnifier etc.Stage 5Test• Seek feedback from focus group andcollate data to see if• Proactive checkers would regularlyuse it & recommend it• Reactive checkers could potentiallybe changed to proactive• Self checkers would consider itdue to convenienceReferences• Cancer Council Australia (2019) UV Index, viewed 21 November 2019, https://www.cancer.org.au/preventing-cancer/sun-protection/uvalert/• Cancer Institute NSW (2018) Identify your skin type, viewed 21 November 2019,• Hollenberger, E. (2019) What is the Design Thinking Process, O8 Agency, viewed 21 November 2019,• Interaction Design Foundation (2019) What is Design Thinking, viewed 21 November 2019,• MoleScope (2019) Skin screening made simple, viewed 21 November 2019, https://www.molescope.com/• Taylor, N. (2016) Tips for Conducting a Successful Focus Group, Association Adviser, viewed 21 November 2019,https://www.naylor.com/associationadviser/tips-for-conducting-focus-groups/
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