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2 Apr

social effects related to Corona Virus


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Course: SOSC 1000 C 6.0
Name: Rabiul Sihon
Student number: 215-590-995
Tutorial leader’s name: Alma Ekuban
Tutorial number: 05
Date Of Submission: February 24, 2021
The social science topic that I have chosen is “the social effects related to Corona Virus.” I have chosen this topic because it is currently the most relevant topic in today’s society, and it impacted everyone in a very negative way. I am looking at this social issue from a participant observer’s point of view because although I am part of this issue, I am just an observer seeing how things will play out in the long run and how it will affect my daily life. I think the research question that I want to explore is, “how did corona virus change the way we interact with people on the daily basis in terms of learning and jobs?” I want to explore this as many people will have different opinions about this subject matter and I want to know how people deal with the changes.
The terms that are going to be utilized in this work are:
Alternative scenarios
Market failure
Social Relations
Rational Knowledge
Emotional Knowledge
Socialization and Anti socialization
Research Design Additional Specifications
Son C, Hegde S, Smith A, Wang X, Sasangohar F Effects of COVID-19 on College Students’ Mental Health in the United States: Interview Survey Study J Med Internet Res 2020;22(9):e21279 URL: https://www.jmir.org/2020/9/e21279
This article is about a how a group of young students did a survey on 195 postsecondary students regarding the effects of corona virus on their mental health. These students have used both qualitative and quantitative methods to do their survey in which they found their 138 (71%) of the students have increased stress, anxiety, and depressive thoughts due to this pandemic. There are various stats that has been given in this article but in conclusion, a lot of the students are finding it extremely hard to focus in school due to this pandemic. They concluded that actions should be taken immediately to prevent complete downfalls of students.
This article talks about the comparison of students’ mental health and how it was before the pandemic and how the pandemic has changed it. Stats in this article shows that social interactions between students have decreased significantly since the pandemic started compared to how it was back in even 2018. This happened due to the fact that they are all mainly studying from home and are very limited to social interactions. Some have it worse because they are unable to talk to their friends and family or their home or place of staying is toxic for their mental health which causes them to do bad in school.
Sahu P. (2020). Closure of Universities Due to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Impact on Education and Mental Health of Students and Academic Staff. Cureus, 12(4), e7541. https://doi.org/10.7759/cureus.7541
This article talks about how the pandemic caused the universities to close down very fast and the everyone was forced to switch everything to online. This caused a lot of issues for students and staff because getting used to the system took very long as no one is used to full online learning. This caused a panic in everyone because it is very hard to teach and learn online compared to in person school because you can’t have proper interactions. This talks about how universities took intensive measures to lower the spread of this virus but in the process, it caused a lot of problems such as the ones I specified.
Chatterjee, S. S., Bhattacharyya, R., Bhattacharyya, S., Gupta, S., Das, S., & Banerjee, B. B. (2020). Attitude, practice, behavior, and mental health impact of COVID-19 on doctors. Indian journal of psychiatry, 62(3), 257–265. https://doi.org/10.4103/psychiatry.IndianJPsychiatry_333_20
This pandemic put a lot of stress on caregivers and especially doctors, they have been helping and treating patients for the virus and other inconveniences caused during this tough time. They have it really hard to a point where a lot of doctors have gotten extremely sick or even took their lives. This article talks about how a survey was done among 152 active participants and a lot of them said that their anxiety and stress level increased significantly along with being depressed. Working long hours and serving the best interest of patients have put a strain on these doctors and nurses.
This article talks about how this pandemic impacted the daily lives of everyone from small children, to families, university students and staff. This article mentions how it is very hard for all the different people affected by this pandemic to live a normal life because their mental health does not allow them. It has been said that media also plays a negative role in how they show information because a lot of the information are false such as remedies for the virus which then gets spread to public creating wrongful misconception about this whole situation causing more damage.
Maria Nicola, Zaid Alsafi, Catrin Sohrabi, Ahmed Kerwan, Ahmed Al-Jabir, Christos Iosifidis, Maliha Agha, Riaz Agha, The socio-economic implications of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19): A review, International Journal of Surgery, Volume 78, 2020, Pages 185-193, ISSN 1743-9191, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijsu.2020.04.018. (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1743919120303162)
This article talks about how Corona virus has impacted the socio-economic factor of the society. Since more than 4.9 million people got infected and more than 290,000 people have died globally, a lot of the rules and regulations have changed around the world, and jobs got impacted the most because of the social distancing rules and physical distancing protocols. The demand for food and medical supplies have increased but a lot of people lost their jobs due to these rules which has impacted them very negatively because they would rely on their jobs to support their family or themselves.
Gardiner, L., & Slaughter, H. (2020). The effects of the coronavirus crisis on workers. Resolution Foundation.
In this article, the authors talk about how they did a survey to see how this pandemic is affecting the workers and they found out that there is a lot of physical and mental strain that these workers are facing due to the pandemic. This article talks about how fast-food workers, grocery store workers and healthcare workers are facing a lot more pressure due to high demand of food and medical supplies. It also shows how new workers are not getting as much hours since they do not have that much experience while the old workers are not getting enough break.
This article talks about how there are inequalities in the whole job sector and how people are treated unfairly in their jobs and they do not get much freedom and support due to this tough timing of how everything is.
Irvine, G, White, D & Bowyer, G (eds) 2020, Good work for wellbeing in the coronavirus economy, Carnegie UK Trust, Dunfermline, viewed 26 Feb 2021, <https://www.carnegieuktrust.org.uk/publications/good-work-for-wellbeing-in-the-coronavirus-economy/>.
This article talks about how the job market is doing very poorly right now and it talks about how there is an opportunity for this market to get better if better actions are taken by the employers and hirers. These recommendations talk about how if these suggestions are followed, the workforce would be very strong once again and how the number of unemployed people would decrease.
Muhammad Umar, Yan Xu & Sultan Sikandar Mirza (2020) The impact of Covid-19 on Gig economy, Economic Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja, DOI: 10.1080/1331677X.2020.1862688
This article talks about how even the stock market or the online market took a big hit due to this pandemic because everyone sold their stocks and shares for companies since they needed the money. Online job offerings and posts have decreased even for big companies since there is a lack of demand. This article talks about how the big companies and policy makers need to support the online market because they have the potential to keep the economy going even if everything in-person shuts down.
This issue of “Social Effects caused by Corona Virus” is raised by the World Health Organization (WHO). They raised this to be a serious concern and deemed it as a pandemic because it has spread to every single country around the world and has affected everyone’s well being. Although this virus has a lower death rate than a lot of other viruses from the past, it certainly has made everyone stay indoors because this disease is very contagious, and it has the ability to cause serious damage to mainly young children and seniors. This is still the biggest problem our society is facing because we are not able to fight against it properly. Even if this virus has slowed everything down, it is not necessarily in a good way. People are becoming mentally and physically sick from not being able to do things freely and it is taking a toll on everyone financially.
Alternative scenarios is a term that we can use to relate this virus situation because instead of doing school and work in person, we are doing most of it online even shopping (lec 12)
Market Failure is another term that can be related to Corona Virus because the stock market, in person shopping has decreased significantly due to the lack of demand and since everything is online now, a lot of the stores are forced to shut down
Relationality is another term that can be related to this topic because people’s relationship between one another is changing and for the most part it’s becoming bad or drifting because they are unable to interact in person
Socialization and Anti socialization are terms that can also be used in this topic because everyone is becoming more anti social due to the lack of in person communication and interactions
The question I want to ask for my research is how did Corona virus change the way we interact one other people in terms of job and education? It impacted everyone negatively but to solve this issue, I think we should start taking more precautions and the government should implement fines and stricter laws to curb this virus so that everyone can have a normal life again. We should follow the footsteps of other first world countries such as New Zealand and Australia.
I want to address this issue to our Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Ottawa (https://pm.gc.ca/en/prime-minister-justin-trudeau) because he should be taking more action to decrease our case rate so we can go back to having a normal life like how it was before the pandemic hit. Considering we are an advanced first world country, we are doing very poorly because our government is not taking enough actions.
Based on the research I have done regarding the Social Effects caused by Corona Virus, I got an understanding that scientists and researchers are trying their best to figure out how we can combat this pandemic and how everyone can go back to having a normal life. As a participatory observer, I want to spread more awareness about what can be done so everyone stays safe along with asking people in my university questions regarding this virus that would help us understand how this pandemic has affected them and so I can figure out how we can all unite and combat this issue because it has been way too long and we deserve a positive change.

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