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4 Sep

Social Injustice the documentary of Meek Mills – NO PLAGIARISM

700 to 1050 words the pros and cons of each source, and include why the three selected sources of research are the best three to use to develop your strategy. Ensure your discussion is written in a professional manner for your team.
September 4, 2019

Your essay should be a critique that is approximately 500-750 words: typewritten, double-spaced with one-inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman.· Your plot summary should only be no more than two paragraphs. But only about half of the medium.· The lion’s share of your discussion should focus on the scene you select as the keystone of the film.· This paper must contain the following elements:1) Introduction: overview of what the film/TV/book is about and brief plot summary;2) Identify what you consider to be the most important scene in the film and explain why;3) Describe, analyze, and interpret the composition and design of the key scene using the film codes.4) Conclusion: Briefly discuss what you consider art to be and then evaluate this film/show/book as a work of art. and evaluation/judgment. Tie it all together.· Be sure your title is clever as well as meaningful.

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