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12 Mar

Solving a system of Equations… | Good Grade Guarantee!

Week 2: Overview and Objectives
Dear Bill;Sorry I forgot to answer that part of the question.There could be quite a few questions per topic and part of it depends on whether you get them right or not. There can be multiple question types per topic. For a question type, you will see 5 bars on the upper right. If you get the first two right you get the third automatically. If you get the next one right you are done with that question type. If you miss some questions the bars reset. So, it makes sense to slow down a bit and check your work.Prof. Kim
Week 1: Initial Knowledge Check (unlocks Chapter 11)
Not graded; however, this step is required to continue working on the remaining graded Topics in ALEKS in this course.
1.Review a Study Guide found in the Media Resources section of the Week 1: Overview and Objectives page
2. Access the ALEKS platform from the Canvas course shell. See note below.
3. View the instructions within ALEKS for the Initial Knowledge Check (they appear automatically).
4. Complete the adaptive Initial Knowledge Check (about 30 questions, which are being adjusted in real-time based on the prior answers given). The Initial Knowledge Check helps ALEKS determine what the student already knows and gives the student credit for those topics that they’ve already mastered.
5. Click the Continue My Path button at the end of the Initial Knowledge Check.
Graphing a line given its equation in slope-intercept from : Integer slope
Notice on the left it says 6 of 13 topics completed ? That is for the week?

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