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7 Apr

Stem Cells and Research


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Stem cell research is the next big thing in neuroscience. You have read about development of cells in chapter 3 and you will read about the behavioral disorders that include diseases that cause neurodegeneration, or the dying off of neurons/brain cells. Stem cells are unique in that they can turn into any cell that is needed, with the chance to replace those cells that have died off. Disorders like Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease cannot be cured by medication, because meds cannot regrow cells that have been lost. Stem cells can replace the lost ones, potentially. However, the big debate comes from those that oppose stem cells, since it is taken from fetal tissue, and that becomes a problem in some circles with abortion itself, and people who feel that harvesting those cells, especially the religious types. For some people, stem cells should not even be considered. When George W. Bush was in office, he vetoed a bill that would have allowed the use of stem cells. For this debate, I want you to tell me where you stand on the stem cell debate (for or against) and a good, strong, thoughtful reasoning behind your stance.
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Stem Cells and Research
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