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30 Jun

Step 1: Create New Customer


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Task Create a new customer. Short Description Use the SAP Fiori Launchpad to create a new customer. Name (Position) David Lopez (East Rep. Miami)
In this case study, we will create the master data for a new customer. Two types of customer data are stored about a customer – sales data and accounting data. The customer master data is created in three groups, or views – general, accounting, and sales. Customers can be created centrally, meaning that all views are generated concurrently, or responsibility can be distributed so that different personnel in the accounting and sales areas are responsible for creating and maintaining the data in their respective views. For this exercise, central creation will be used to enter all of the needed data to define a new customer.
To create a new customer, use the app Maintain Business Partner.
In the Maintain Business Partner screen choose .
Note: The business partner is created superordinate and assigned roles (for example customer, vendor). The different roles are created at specific organizational levels (company code, sales area). Business partners can be categorized as a person, group, or organization, as follows: An organization represents units, such as a company (for example, a legal person), parts of a legal entity (for example, a department) or an association. Organization is an umbrella term to map every kind of situation in the day-to-day business activities. A group represents a shared living arrangement, a married couple, or an executive board.
In the Create Organization screen select in the drop-down menu for Create in BP role the Business Partner FI Customer. In the pop-up Change to another BP role in create mode choose .
In the Create Organization: Role FI Customer screen make sure, that for the field Create in BP Role FI Customer (New) is selected.
Enter Company for Title, The Bike Zone for Name and your number (###) for Search Term. Further enter 2144 N Orange Ave for Street, 32804 for Postal Code, Orlando for City, US for Country and FL for Region. Select English for Language.
Then click on the expand icon (on the right of Standard Address) to access additional street address fields.
Scroll down and click on the search icon next to the Transportation Zone field or click into the field Transportation Zone and press the F4 key. This will produce the following pop-up window.
Double-click on Region East to select it.
Note: In the general role of the business partner (BP), the business partner name and address is entered. The general role data is relevant for sales and distribution and for accounting. To avoid data redundancy, it is stored centrally (client-specific). It is valid for all organizational units within a client.
Clicking on will produce the following screen. There Enter US00 for Company Code and confirm with Enter.
Note: Depending on the size of your browser window, you may not see the company code. In this case you will find it under More ► Company code or press Ctrl + F2.
In the tab Customer: Account Management enter 110000 for Reconciliation acct. and 001 for Sort key.
Then click on the tab Customer: Payment Transactions and enter 0001 for Payment Terms. Confirm with Enter.
In the drop down menu on the top Create in BP role choose Customer.
In the pop-up Change to another BP role in create mode choose .
You will receive the message, that you created a Business partner. Now you want to add additional information in the BP role Customer.
Click on and enter UE00 for Sales Org., WH for Distr. Channel and BI for Division. Confirm with Enter.
Enter US0003 for Sales District, USD as Currency, 01 for Price Group and 1 for Customer Stats.Group.
Then click on the tab Shipping. Enter 02 for Delivery Priority, 01 for Shipping Conditions, MI00 for Delivering Plant and 3 for Max.Part.Deliveries. Check with the screen below.
Navigate to the tab Billing and enter FOB for Incoterms and Miami for Incoterms Location, 0001 for Payment Terms, 01 for Acct Assmt Grp Cust. and 0 for all three Tax classific. Check with the screen below
Click on to save your new customer data. The SAP-System creates a unique customer number.
Choose again FI Customer (defined) in the drop-down menu Change in BP role. If necessary, choose the button and you will se your own Business Parter No and Customer No.
Note: You have created a customer with a unique number. And for this customer you have also created a unique Business partner number. With the Business partner number, you can assign your customer more roles.
Take a screen shot of that in below and show to your lecturer.
Click on the home icon to return to the Fiori Launchpad overview.
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