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5 Feb

Strategic Information Systems Management AssignmentTutorOnline | Good Grade Guarantee!

INF11115 Strategic Information Systems ManagementPr itam Chita 1 Assessment Tw o – October 2018Assessment Brief Proforma
Module numberINF11115
Module titleStrategic Information Systems Management
Module leaderPritam Chita
Tutor with responsibility for this AssessmentStudent’s first point of contactPritam Chita
AssessmentAssessment Two
Size and/or time limits for assessment3500 words
Deadline of submission4pm on 10th December 2018 (Monday, week 14)
Arrangements for submissionAll assessments MUST be passed through. If this is not possible, email the module leader in advance.
Assessment RegulationsThere are no exemptions from the University’s regulations.
The requirements for the assessmentSee below.
Special instructionsSee below.
Return of work and feedbackSee below.
Assessment criteriaSee below.INF11115 Strategic Information Systems ManagementPr itam Chita 2 Assessment Tw o – October 2018INF11115Strategic Information Systems ManagementAssessment TwoIssue Date: 24th September 2018 (week 3)Submission Date: 10th December 2018 (week 14)This is a formal piece of work and is worth 60% towards your final assessment for this module.This is an individual assignment. Copying and collusion are serious offences and will be dealt with through the Academic Conduct Guidelines.INF11115 Strategic Information Systems ManagementPr itam Chita 3 Assessment Tw o – October 2018The Requirements for the AssessmentYou are required to write a 3500-word journal article in an academic style on ONE of the specific titles listed later in this document.This will involve undertaking independent research of theory (e.g. books, journal articles, internet) and practice (e.g. examples and case studies). Any Information Systems type Journal which is available online can be used for examples of the style of writing to be adopted.You may change, modify or adapt any of the selected titles – BUT ONLY AFTER consultation with the module leader. This consultation should preferably take place during the tutorial sessions or by email. It is possible to undertake research in a topic that is not listed in the document – but this would require careful definition and consultation beforehand with the module leader having the final say.You may consult any of the module materials, resources or any other relevant materials that you find. You must undertake your own research to find journal articles and cases. Do please note that all sources that you refer to must be formally acknowledged in the list of references as well as being referenced appropriately within the body of the essay – see below as well as the details to assist you contained within the Student Study & Referencing Guides that have previously been provided to you by the School.Caution: Note that it is not necessary to describe in detail and repeat whole elements of the lecture notes or materials already provided. You must assume that your reader already has knowledge of the lecture notes and previously provided material. Submissions which simply repeat this material will not be viewed kindly and will be marked down. Similarly, simple descriptions of approaches, tools & techniques etc. are not enough: you need to demonstrate an understanding of the application of the area under consideration.INF11115 Strategic Information Systems ManagementPr itam Chita 4 Assessment Tw o – October 2018Undertaking the AssessmentYou should undertake independent research of theory (e.g. books, journal articles, internet) and practice (e.g. examples and case studies) to write your report.You may of course consult your lecture notes and readings already provided, but you will find that they must be expanded on by your own researchThe Library can be used to find good quality journal articles and reports to provide further contextual information. Note that visiting company web sites can be helpful, as well as the business magazines already mentioned (Fortune/Bloomberg) as well as other company information sites.All sources used must be formally acknowledged. The report must have referencing of an appropriate standard, and must use the Style and format notes below.Use the marking schema below to plan the report – it shows the relative weighting of each section e.g., the “Synthesis & Analysis of the main topic under discussion” section is weighted as 35 out of 100, so it might be reasonably expected to take about a third of your total effort and to contain about 30% of the total words within the main text.Assessment Report Structure Title: clearly identifying selected scenario/organisation/industry Abstract: Introduction: Contextual outline of the scenario/organisation/industry chosen. Main Text: This section can be sub-divided as you see fit and should contain your in depth discussion of the topic. It should include your analysis and synthesis of the main issues and discuss your chosen example extensively which should be illustrated with appropriate diagrams, tables and figures. Conclusions, critical evaluation and appraisal & way forward: Bring together the main points and summarise as well as pointing out difficulties and deficiencies, caveats and cautions in the analysis and obstacles to a better analysis/outcome. Appendices: You may include appendices where it is necessary to provide further evidence or explanation. You may use appendices to justify the arguments in the main text but they cannot earn you marks in their own right.INF11115 Strategic Information Systems ManagementPr itam Chita 5 Assessment Tw o – October 2018Assessment SubmissionThis assessment is due to be submitted to Turnitin by 4pm on 10th December 2018. This is the official deadline irrespective of whatever settings are visible on Turnitin which may be set for other reasons. A Turnitin similarity index of less than 12% is required.General submission rules: If you have any problems with this assessment, please contact the Module Leader, preferably well before the submission date.Style and format notes: The report will be marked anonymously. Please do not put your name anywhere on the document, but do provide your matriculation number on the front page.Word length: The target length of the main text is 3500 words +/- 10%. A report of less than this length is unlikely to contain adequate content, which will reduce the marks available. Word count should be displayed on the front page.Page layout: Submissions must be printed single sided and be in Arial font, 11 pt., 1.5 line spaced. It should be stapled in the top left corner and must not be inserted into any folder or other covering.References: The author-date system of source citation should be used in the text, e.g. (Smith, 2009). Please use the guidelines available through Moodle to help ensure that your paper meets recognised standards of referencing. Please do NOT use footnotes for references1.Illustrations and tables, appendices: Captions for tables and figures should use an alternative font to the main text (eg 10 point bold). They should be referred to in the text using Arabic numerals, e.g. Figure 1, Figure 2, Table 1, Table 2, etc., in order of appearance.An assessment which does not meet this specification may not be accepted for marking and will certainly lose presentation marks.1 Footnotes are best used for short explanations of specific points which would break up the flow of your argument if included in the main text. Some readers will read them, some ignore them.INF11115 Strategic Information Systems ManagementPr itam Chita 6 Assessment Tw o – October 2018Assessment Topic SelectionPlease find below titles drawn from different module Units. You should choose only one specific title to undertake your journal article.NSpecific Titles – Choose from one of these topics.1Evaluate the value of the IS/IT application portfolio approach to the defining, selecting and implementing of IS/IT systems that would be required by organisations. In particular consider whether the portfolio approach applied to IS/IT is the same as managing other business assets such as products and services.2Evaluate whether the application of Benefits Realisation Management to the justification, prioritisation and evaluation of IS/IT systems is one of the most promising approaches to effectively matching IS/IT demand and supply.3IS/IT investments are inherently risky. Discuss this often repeated statement in the context of increasingly complex IS/IT systems and the inability of many IS/IT systems to deliver the expected benefit. You should address the approaches that may be adopted in attempts to address this problem4Evaluate the integration issues and the difficulties that organisations face when engaged in Project Portfolio Management (PPM). In particular examine the interfaces and linkages with Strategic Information Systems Management.5There are a wide variety of governance frameworks around ranging from those related to the Sarbanes Oxley Act (2002), to CoBIT, ITIL and also PRINCE2 and Programme Management. Discuss the different aspects of strategic IS/IT that at least three of these approaches address and their commonalities, interactions and issues.You should not spend any time simply describing these frameworksNote that any work you submit must not have previously been produced for any other module.6Many organisations have decided to outsource some or most of their IT systems to external suppliers. Discuss the tools & techniques used and the criteria on which these decisions are made and how they are made with the inevitable trade-off between cost savings, service quality and value added.IMPORTANTIn addition, for each of these topics you are required to include a section that discusses the topic in terms of the feedback mechanisms & inputs into the whole IS/IT Strategy formulation process as exemplified by Figure 3.7 from Unit 3.INF11115 Strategic Information Systems ManagementPr itam Chita 7 Assessment Tw o – October 2018Module: INF11115 Strategic Information Systems Mgmt. Overall grade_____Marking SchemaWDP5/P4P3/P2P1F1F2/F3CommentsIntroduction and contextual discussion10Synthesis & Analysis of the main topic under discussion.25Discussion of the topic within a wider Strategic IS/IT context25Feedback into IS/IT Strategy formulation process.20Conclusions, critical evaluation and appraisal. Research10Presentation and readability, Organisation, Referencing10Comment grid. This work:ExGdOKPrUnRelevant and to specificationLittle relevance and not to spec.Treats topics in depth.SuperficialIs evaluative and analytical.Descriptive onlyLogical argument justified and illustratedRambling and lacks a theme Unsubstantiated, not illustratedImpersonal/academic writing stylePersonal and informalIs fluent, good spelling. succinct and grammaticalRepetitive & ungrammatical with many spelling/typing errorsWell organised and is set out in an appropriate formatPoor structure and non-standard formatUses a sufficient and good range of appropriate sourcesInadequate and inappropriate sourcesConsistently applies an approved referencing system & bibliographyIncorrect system and few citations & no bibliographyOther comments:MarksD1,2,3,4,575-100P3,4,560-74P1,P250-59F140-49F2-F320-39AAbsentCommentsEx:ExcellentGd:GoodOKAcceptablePrPoorUnUnacceptable

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