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29 Nov

Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders | Good Grade Guarantee!

Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders: Applying the T/C Model of Case Conceptualization Consider how you would conceptualize the case of Kira (see attached file) Develop a diagnosis and collaborate on a treatment plan. For this discussion, use the T/C Case Conceptualization Model Outline Template (see attached file) Construct a T/C case conceptualization model outline for the case of Kira Address the following: • What other information would you want to know about Kira that would aid in the conceptualization of her case? • What presenting issues or challenges from the case scenario warrant further risk and/or diagnostic assessment, and why? • How would you evaluate potential ethical or legal considerations for this case? • Identify 1–2 long-range treatment goals and how you would evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment goals. You are encouraged to tailor your case conceptualization and discussions to align with your counseling area of specialization. Support your post with current empirical evidence from your research in the literature of the field.

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