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19 Aug

Systematic reflection | Good Grade Guarantee!

Assessment Task 1
Assessment name: Systematic reflectionTask description: For this assignment, you will need to reflect on the values, beliefs, opinions and learnings about mental health and illnessWhat you need to do: • Read the Criterion Reference Assessment guide for this task. This will help you to understand what is required of you and how this assignment will be graded.• Refer to the 5Rs Reflection framework below to understand
The body of your essay should include• Reporting – what is the situation in the article about? What are the key issues?• Responding – how your beliefs, attitudes and opinions about mental health and illness have formed.• Relating – factors to consider include: your knowledge base(including how the media contributes to your understanding); yourculture (age, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, class, and ability/disability), social context.• Reasoning – reflection on how the key issues presented align with your existing knowledge, opinions and thinking about mental health and illness.• Reconstructing – how you will integrate your new understandings of mental health and illness into your nursing practice.• Why is the issue significant?• What have I learned about the professional health care practice?• How will the situation affect my future learning and the way I practice health care?


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