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8 Sep

The Canary Effect (Robin Davey and Yellow Thunder Woman, 2006, 60 min). – NO PLAGIARISM

You can find the movie on YouTube which is free. The Canary Effect (Robin Davey and Yellow Thunder Woman, 2006, 60 min).
Descrip@on of assignment: Write a 500 word response that criLcally reflects on the filmand at least one reading for the week, relaZng them to each other and to the broaderthemes of the course. Your assignments should demonstrate your understanding of theboth. Do not simply describe film, or detail out the plot and characters, instead – discussthe films in relaZon to the concepts and themes brought up in the reading/s and classdiscussions. (See themes under Course DescripZon in this syllabus).● Assignment Prompt: Here are some quesZons to prompt your criZcal reflecZons. You donot have to answer each of these quesZons in each post, but use them as a genericprompt to guide you as you watch, read, analyze and write about films/texts in thiscourse.○ What are the central arguments made by the assigned film(s) and texts(s)for theweek, in relaZon to the subject of immigraZon or diversity?○ What social/cultural/poliZcal/historical issues brought into focus in the films?○ What themes emerge from these films and texts with regard to social jusZce,gender/race/naZon or global issues in the materials studied?6○ How do you connect to these issues/themes personally, and how do the filmsand readings help you understand them in new ways (or not)?● Style: A criZcal reflecZon should ideally combine an analyZcal approach and personalexperience or outlook. It is not mandatory to argue your posiZon like in an academicessay, but it is required to analyze and reflect on the course materials assigned.○ Balance the reflecZon with personal opinion (or lived experience) and objecZveanalysis of film and readings as far as possible.○ Do not make sweeping statements without jusZficaZon; illustrate your pointusing examples/quotes/scenarios from films and/or texts to support yourargument.○ Give emphasis to both film and readings to demonstrate your understanding ofboth in relaZon to each other. WriZng only about the film and ignoring thereading or vice-versa can adversely impact your grades.● Structure: You can divide your reflecZon into (at least) 3 paragraphs including a briefintroducZon, a body (main analysis of texts and films) and a brief conclusion. (You do nothave to label each paragraph as such.)○ Title of post (in the subject line): Title your reflecZon in a manner that helps thereader get a quick sense of the contents of your post. It can be creaZvely wordedor just funcZonal or both, that is up to you.○ IntroducZon: Provide an opening statement that indicates how you areapproaching this weeks materials, giving an entry for the reader into yourreflecZon. Make sure you menZon the Ztle of the film and the reading/s you arereflecZng on within the first 1-3 sentences of your reflecZon.○ Body: The main content of your reflecZon that focuses on the analysis of onefilm and at least one text for the week. RelaZng them to each other.○ Conclusion: Try to end your piece with a central quesZon informed by yourreflecZon, indicaZng a direcZon you would like to explore in relaZon to thesubject.7○ Add a ‘Works Cited’ secZon (not included in your word count) at the end of yourcriZcal reflecZon.● Cita@ons: Cite the film and readings within the text and also at the end of your post,following any professionally accepted format such as Chicago (Notes and Bib orAuthor-Date), MLA, APA etc as long as it is consistent. If you refer to any addiZonal textsor films, you may cite them in addiZon to the required films and readings, howeverensure that the content of your reflecZon is mainly devoted to the assigned coursematerials. The Chicago Manual of Style Online is available through the UB library, underDatabases for your reference. Please Note: Work without bibliography and proper in-textcitaZon will not be accepted.h]ps://www-chicagomanualofstyle-org.gate.lib.buffalo.edu/home.html● Pos@ng:○ File format: Don’t post or email a]achments. Type directly inside the text box,ager creaZng a thread in the relevant discussion forum. Microsog Word can atZmes cause formarng issues when you copy and paste from it, so use a simplerword processing sogware (like Notepad or Textedit) to compose your text (if youare copying and pasZng it into UB Learns).○ CorrecZng a post: Try to get it right the first Zme, but, If you forgot to add endcitaZons when you posted or made a mistake you want to recZfy in your post – –just re- post it again on the forum with the word ‘corrected post’ before you Ztle,so we know which one to grade.● Do not do the following:○ No plagiarism will be tolerated: It can result in failure in the course and seriousconsequences. TransliteraZng content from other languages to use in your post isalso considered plagiarism. Don’t overuse quotes. Your assignment should notinclude more than 20 percent of quoted material.8○ Describing a film is not reflec@on or analysis: Don’t spend a significant part ofyour assignment, in summarizing or describing a film’s story, scene, plotline orcharacters. This informaZon is easily available online and does not consZtute acriZcal reflecZon.○ Do not write just to fill word count. Do not go under or over word count bymore than 50 words. RepeaZng the same informaZon, using irrelevant text,discussing off-topic arguments, rambling and using too much descripZon asdescribed above, will not be appreciated and not be graded.○ Don’t ignore readings: Leaving out any of the required materials from youranalysis can adversely impact your grades.○ Don’t submit late: Delay in posZng assignments can cause you to lose points.○ Don’t lose your work: Save backups your assignments before you post them,you are responsible for keeping a copy of your own work.Settler Colonialism Primer


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