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17 Sep

The Chronology of a Terrorist Attack For this assignment, you are to select an a


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The Chronology of a Terrorist Attack For this assignment, you are to select an actual terrorist attack that has occurred in the past and provide a brief case study regarding the incident. For the purposes of this assignment, the occurrences of September 11, 2001 are not to be used. The preference is to focus on an attack against the United States and the incident can be domestic or international in nature. In your paper, the follow areas are should be addressed, providing sufficient information is available: A general timeline of the attack to include inception of the concept, planning, execution, and aftermath. The identification of any pre-incident indicators that were indicative of an impending attack. The motivation / ideology and goals / objectives of those implementing the attack. The results and aftermath of the incident – including casualties, property damage, and any second and third order effects of the incident. For each assignment, you are tasked with authoring a college-level writing work meeting the following criteria: The length of the each paper shall be between four and six pages long, NOT INCLUDING a title page and a Reference page. NO abstract is needed for this assignment. Use a minimum of four resources in the generation of the work. The format of the paper will follow APA guidelines and include properly formatted in-text citations and end of work references. The purpose of these papers is to give the student opportunity to practice the two skills that are the most crucial your future success: critical thinking and writing. The paper should also demonstrate an understanding of the class material through a correlation between the facts of the case study or topic and the information covered in the class. Thoroughness, grammar and neatness count. The final product shall be in MS Word format, double-spaced, using Arial or Time New Roman 12-point font, and in APA format.
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