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22 Nov

The Implicit Association Test gauges people’s implicit bias by measuring how quickly they’re able to…


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PSY259e: Personality and Individual Differences
Question 1
Discuss each of the following FOUR concepts, and use one example to demonstrate your understanding of each concept.
Operant conditioning
Freudian slips
Neuroticism as a Big Five factor vs. under Eysenck’s theory
Possible selves
Question 2
The Implicit Association Test gauges people’s implicit bias by measuring how quickly they’re able to match positive words (think joy and love) and negative words (like agony and evil) with images of Indigenous and Caucasian Australians. In the data released this week, 75 percent of those surveyed displayed an implicit bias towards Caucasian faces-that is to say, they found it easier to associate those positive terms with white people than Indigenous Australians.
Extracted from Judd, B. (June 14, 2020). Three out of four people have an implicit bias against Indigenous Australians, a study found. So what do we do about it? ABC News.
Differentiate how the biological and cognitive approaches might account for the cited research finding on implicit bias towards Caucasian faces. In addition, examine how therapeutic methods from the cognitive perspective can aid in reducing people’s implicit bias.
Question 3
A new face of the novel coronavirus has emerged on social media – that of a masked Singaporean aunty absconding with vast amounts of toilet paper and instant noodles. The online backlash has been hilariously scathing. Many of us laughed really hard. How dare these inconsiderate people to hoard more than their rightful share of toilet paper and instant noodles – a shared “national” resource? Then, we self-consciously went to check on our own toilet paper supply.
Adapted from Tan, A. (February 11, 2020). Commentary: Singaporeans queued for toilet paper and instant noodles – there is no shame in that. Channel News Asia.
Compare two different theoretical views of self-actualization and discuss their respective strengths and limitations. Your comparison should recognize the contemporary relevance of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs by addressing why shoppers targeted toilet paper and instant noodles in the reported hoarding sprees

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