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9 Apr

The Letter M-Z will Take the Con


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Last names beginning with the letter M-Z will take the con. Using one of the three environmental theories discussed in Chapter 10 of the Widdows textbook, answer the following prompt: Should gas prices be higher in order to encourage the purchase of energy efficient cars? Last names M-Z will answer “no.” (Even if you personally disagree with the side to which you are assigned, you are still required to create an argument supporting it, for the purposes of this debate.) In your initial post, respond to the question according to the side of the debate you are on. Create a thesis that develops a strong argument supporting your view. Be sure to cite sources and consult outside sources/readings as well. This question is environmental, political, and financial, so the strongest responses will consider the ethics of all three factors in their answers.
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The Letter M-Z will Take the Con
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