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17 Oct

This assessment is fully reflective


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This assessment is fully reflective. Before giving some tips about reflective writing, first an assessment recap. You are expected to reflect upon your personal online brand from the start of the semester to the end of semester and use the information you learned in this subject to write an action plan with steps to further develop your personal online brand. Part A: If you haven’t done so already, think back at the start of semester and reflect upon your personal online brand: How are you currently presented online? Think about doing a brand assessment where you go through your social media channels and their privacy setting and google yourself online.Is this how you would like to be seen/perceived by future employers?Part B: Now, reflect upon your personal online brand following the information learned in this subject. Relating to the content discussed during the semester, how has your view on your personal online brand changed?Reflect on your process of self-assessment and discuss any key thoughts, ideas or feelings or any other relevant information regarding your personal online brand.Action Plan:What specific steps will you take to develop your personal brand and improve your career status? (see example below)Make sure to have action items and a realistic timeline.
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