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This week in your readings you have expanded your knowledge regarding the Project Management…


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This week in your readings you have expanded your knowledge regarding the Project Management Life Cycle (PMLC) model (initiation, planning, execution, and closure). Don’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay on Project management life cycle model Just from $13/Page Order Essay This week you’ll be developing a report utilizing this model and reporting it to your client. The project has approached the halfway point, thus your client has requested a milestone review of the project. Clients do not always understand why the progress appears as slow. Prepare a summary analysis of your project. You might consider using a project management software such as MS Project to demonstrate schedule of milestones met and those yet to be accomplished. The body of the paper should be 750 – 1000 words, APA style. Any indexes, title page, references, attachments, or appendix are supplemental to the body of the paper. Reference Method 123. (2013). PMLC Model image. Retrieved on May 2, 2013 fromcom/images/project-lifecycle-v2.jpg
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Don’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay on Organizational psychology – a13 | Psychology homework help Just from $13/Page Order Essay Assignment 13 Essays Part III:Your assignments must reflect analysis and synthesis of the material presented in this course. All assignments MUST be typed and double-spaced, in APA style and must be written at graduate level English. The content, conciseness and clarity of your answers will be considered in the evaluation of your work. The average length of answers to essay questions is 1-2 pages, although some answers may vary. You must integrate the material presented in the text and cite your work according to APA format. Use of the internet and the University Virtual Library is encouraged. 1. Explain the 8 team roles and the 4 team functions that provide team maintenance. Give examples for each role. 2. Explain the psychological contract in organizations. What are four violations of this contract? Provide original examples for each. 3. Explain and discuss 5 ways to promote psychological health in the workplace. 4. Provide original examples demonstrating the application of three of the work motivational theories. References: Muchinsky, P. M. (2016). Psychology applied to work (with study guide). (11th ed). Belmont, CA Hypergraphic Press. ISBN 9780974934501
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Don’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay on Math201 case 1 | Mathematics homework help Just from $13/Page Order Essay · · By submitting this assignment, you affirm that it contains all original work, and that you are familiar with Trident University’s Academic Integrity policy in the Trident Policy Handbook. You affirm that you have not engaged in direct duplication, copy/pasting, sharing assignments, collaboration with others, contract cheating and/or obtaining answers online, paraphrasing, or submitting/facilitating the submission of prior work. Work found to be unoriginal and in violation of this policy is subject to consequences such as a failing grade on the assignment, a failing grade in the course, and/or elevated academic sanctions. You affirm that the assignment was completed individually, and all work presented is your own. Problems need to include all required steps and answer(s) for full credit. All answers need to be reduced to lowest terms where possible. Answer the following problems showing your work and explaining (or analyzing) your results. 1. In a poll, respondents were asked if they have traveled to Europe. 68 respondents indicated that they have traveled to Europe and 124 respondents said that they have not traveled to Europe. If one of these respondents is randomly selected, what is the probability of getting someone who has traveled to Europe? 2. The data set represents the income levels of the members of a golf club. Find the probability that a randomly selected member earns at least $100,000. INCOME (in thousands of dollars) 98 102 83 140 201 96 74 109 163 210 81 104 134 158 128 107 87 79 91 121 A poll was taken to determine the birthplace of a class of college students. Below is a chart of the results. 1. What is the probability that a female student was born in Orlando? 2. What is the probability that a male student was born in Miami? 3. What is the probability that a student was born in Jacksonville? Gender Number of students Location of birth Male 10 Jacksonville Female 16 Jacksonville Male 5 Orlando Female 12 Orlando Male 7 Miami Female 9 Miami Of the 538 people who had an annual check-up at a doctor’s office, 215 had high blood pressure. Estimate the probability that the next person who has a check-up will have high blood pressure. Find the probability of correctly answering the first 4 questions on a multiple choice test using random guessing. Each question has 3 possible answers. Explain the difference between independent and dependent events. Provide an example of experimental probability and explain why it is considered experimental. The measure of how likely an event will occur is probability. Match the following probability with one of the statements. There is only one answer per statement. 0 0.25 0.60 1 a. This event is certain and will happen every time. b. This event will happen more often than not. c. This event will never happen. d. This event is likely and will occur occasionally. Flip a coin 25 times and keep track of the results. What is the experimental probability of landing on tails? What is the theoretical probability of landing on heads or tails? A color candy was chosen randomly out of a bag. Below are the results: Color Probability Blue 0.30 Red 0.10 Green 0.15 Yellow 0.20 Orange ??? a. What is the probability of choosing a yellow candy? b. What is the probability that the candy is blue, red, or green? c. What is the probability of choosing an orange candy?
Chapter 3 of the DPI Project, entitled “Methodology,” will expand upon the content and concepts presented in the “Strategic Points
Chapter 3 of the DPI Project, entitled “Methodology,” will expand upon the content and concepts presented in the “Strategic Points Final Draft” (Appendix A) document you completed in its final iteration in Topic 2. Don’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay on Dpi project proposal chapter 3 – methodology Just from $13/Page Order Essay General Requirements: Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment: •Locate the “DPI Proposal Template” in the PI Workspace of the DC Network. •Locate the Strategic Points Final Draft assignment completed earlier in this course. •Doctoral learners are required to use APA style for their writing assignments. The APA Style Guide is located in the Student Success Center. •This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. •You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center. Directions: Use the “DPI Proposal Template” and the “Strategic Points Final Draft” document, to develop a draft of (Chapter 3) Methodology that describes the methodology you are utilizing in your DPI Project Proposal. Sections in Chapter 3 include: 1.Introduction 2.Statement of the Problem 3.Clinical Question(s) 4.Project Methodology 5.Project Design 6.Population and Sample Selection 7.Instrumentation 8.Validity 9.Reliability 10.Data Collection Procedures 11.Data Analysis Procedures 12.Ethical Considerations 1 3.Limitations 14.Summary
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Writing Assignment Writing ServiceDon’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay on History final project | History homework help Just from $13/Page Order Essay Written Assignments Final Research Paper Where do historians get the information they use when writing about events from the past? There are two types of sources: primary and secondary. Primary sources, such as official records, letters (official and personal), diaries, newspaper articles, photos, posters, and cartoons are created at the time the events took place by people involved in them. Historians also get information from secondary sources—books, articles, and websites about topics in history. One of the major assignments in this course is to write a research paper that uses both primary and secondary sources. The paper will be on a Cornell Annotated Bibliography topic of your choice from the materials we cover in class, but must be pre-approved by me. In unvarnished terms, this is a research paper on the topic of your choice that will take the place of a final examination. The topic MUST fall within the time period we are studying and MUST be approved by me beforehand. It is to be 8-10 double spaced pages in length, font size 12, not counting title page, bibliography, end notes, etc. It is preferred that you use Word and Times New Roman font. This assignment is designed to allow students to demonstrate their mastery of both recent American history and the historical research and writing process. The end of the paper should indicate what conclusion you have come to after having researched and written about the subject. It should also demonstrate how or why you have arrived at a particular conclusion. The final paper for this course is designed to address the following subset of course objectives: Critically read and research using traditional sources and information technologyidentify, evaluate, and present, through effective writing, evidence found in primary and secondary sources Begin this process by referring to the documents in Course Content titled “History Program Requirements” and “Writing Resources”. The latter will advise you as to the various forms of assistance provided by your research and writing activity. In addition to this information, the Effective Writing Center (EWC) offers free writing assistance for all students, faculty, and staff. The staff will review your essay and offer suggestions for improvement. You’ll need to provide a copy of your paper and the instructions for this exercise so the staff knows what you are expected to do. There is a link provided under Course Content, in the Webliography, and also on the library homepage —and here: http://www.umuc.edu/prog/ugp/ewp_writingcenter/wc_home.html This final research paper project is divided into four stages, each of which is graded separately. I. Working Analytical Thesis Statement With the approval of their instructor, students will select a topic relevant to the course title and material. Then the student will perform preliminary research and create a working thesis, with the understanding that it may be modified later in the research process. The thesis statement should be a minimum of 200 words. Here is a web site that will be of help to you. Selecting a topic. Visit this Website, http://polaris.umuc.edu/ewc/ChooseTopic/ChooseTopic.html, for guidance on how to select a research topic. Developing a thesis statement. This is the main idea or central theme that you are developing, and the body of the paper should be designed to support your thesis. Therefore, the thesis should be stated at the outset of the paper, in your introduction. For example, “Should Abraham Lincoln be regarded as ‘the Great Emancipator’?” Here you provide evidence in support of this idea, as well as information to the contrary. Then you would weigh the merits of one versus the other and draw a conclusion. In the conclusion, you could take sides or decline to do so by indicating that both viewpoints have merit and why you believe that to be the case. II. Annotated Bibliography Historians base their writing of history on a variety of sources, many of which fall under the label of documents. Primary documents include official records, letters, diaries, newspaper articles, photos, posters, cartoons, music, and visual art. Historians also utilize materials to write history from secondary sources, such as books, articles, and Web sites about historical topics. Identifying primary and secondary sources. Primary sources would be the words and deeds of Lincoln himself, and those of his contemporaries—like Frederick Douglass—while secondary sources would be what have been written about Lincoln based upon primary sources. The foundation of the paper must be primary sources, with secondary sources being used to present and/or support the thesis based on the work of other scholars. Students will write a multi-page annotated bibliography. This assignment will list and describe a minimum of 12 primary and secondary sources, with specific requirements detailed below, that the student may use in his or her finished paper. You may NOT use encyclopedias or the text books as sources. AT LEAST HALF OF YOUR SOURCES SHOULD BE USED IN YOUR PAPER! THIS IS MANDATORY TO GET A PASSING GRADE! The annotated bibliography should involve a variety of primary and secondary sources, including two full-length books from reputable academic presses, two primary sources, and articles from at least two scholarly, academic journals; it should not include encyclopedias, dictionaries, or non-professional websites. Each annotation should include a full, properly-formatted Chicago citation and one to two complete paragraphs explaining the basic argument the work makes and the type of evidence used to prove the thesis. If it is not acceptable, you will be allowed to rewrite it. Here are 3 web sites that will be of help to you. Cornell Purdue Eastern III. Abstract Students will compose an abstract of 2 full pages that sums up the main ideas and arguments he or she will be making in the final paper. The abstract must be concise and well-structured, with sufficient detail to demonstrate that the thesis and arguments will be valid. There should be listed sources and footnotes. IV. Final Paper The final paper should be 8-10 double-spaced pages in length, exclusive of title page and any end note and bibliography pages. It should be composed in Microsoft Word with one-inch margins on all sides, 10 or 12 pitch, Times New Roman font. Check the Course Schedule for the due date. The finished paper will use both primary and secondary sources to demonstrate the plausibility of a clearly-stated, analytical thesis. It will be carefully structured, composed, and proofread, with all required components included in the correct order. Please use footnotes and not end notes in your citations. Thesis Statement. Your paper will start with the thesis statement and introduction which should be a well-developed paragraph. Body of the Paper. The finished paper will use both primary and secondary sources to increase the plausibility of the clearly stated, analytical thesis. It will be carefully structured, composed, and proofread, with all required components included in the correct order. You need a minimum of 7 sources to be eligible for a grade of C; 10 sources to be eligible for an A. Note the specific requirements for primary and secondary sources. Conclusion. The end of the paper should indicate what conclusion you have come to after having researched and written about the subject. It should also demonstrate how or why you have arrived at a particular conclusion. Bibliography. The works—both primary and secondary—that are used in your paper should all be listed in your bibliography. Scoring Rubrics:The rubrics can be found under Course Content. There are two main categories of graded assignments for this course: (1) the research project, which will be done in segments and due on the dates indicated below; and (2) weekly discussions, due by the end of each week (Sunday) Using University of Chicago Style for History Term Papers
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Don’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay on Hesi review exit exam 2020 Just from $13/Page Order Essay HESI Review EXIT EXAM 2020 • Following discharge teaching, a male client with duodenal ulcer tells the nurse the he will drink plenty of dairy products, such as milk, to help coat and protect his ulcer. What is the best follow-up action by the nurse? • • A male client with hypertension, who received new antihypertensive prescriptions at his last visit returns to the clinic two weeks later to evaluate his blood pressure (BP). His BP is 158/106 and he admits that he has not been taking the prescribed medication because the drugs make him “feel bad”. In explaining the need for hypertension control, the nurse should stress that an elevated BP places the client at risk for which pathophysiological condition? • • The nurse observes an unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) positioning a newly admitted client who has a seizure disorder. The client is supine and the UAP is placing soft pillows along the side rails. What action should the nurse implement? • • An adolescent with major depressive disorder has been taking duloxetine (Cymbalta) for the past 12 days. Which assessment finding requires immediate follow-up? • • A 60-year-old female client with a positive family history of ovarian cancer has developed an abdominal mass and is being evaluated for possible ovarian cancer. Her Papanicolau (Pap) smear results are negative. What information should the nurse include in the client’s teaching plan? • • A client who recently underwear a tracheostomy is being prepared for discharge to home. Which instructions is most important for the nurse to include in the discharge plan? • In assessing an adult client with a partial rebreather mask, the nurse notes that the oxygen reservoir bag does not deflate completely during inspiration and the client’s respiratory rate is 14 breaths / minute. What action should the nurse implement? • Rational: reservoir bag should not deflate completely during inspiration and the client’s respiratory rate is within normal limits. • During shift report, the central electrocardiogram (EKG) monitoring system alarms. Which client alarm should the nurse investigate firs? • During a home visit, the nurse observed an elderly client with diabetes slip and fall. What action should the nurse take first? • At 0600 while admitting a woman for a schedule repeat cesarean section (C-Section), the client tells the nurse that she drank a cup a coffee at 0400 because she wanted to avoid getting a headache. Which action should the nurse take first? • After placing a stethoscope as seen in the picture, the nurse auscultates S1 and S2 heart sounds. To determine if an S3 heart sound is present, what action should the nurse take first? • • A 66-year-old woman is retiring and will no longer have a health insurance through her place of employment. Which agency should the client be referred to by the employee health nurse for health insurance needs? • • A client who is taking an oral dose of a tetracycline complains of gastrointestinal upset. What snack should the nurse instruct the client to take with the tetracycline? • • Following a lumbar puncture, a client voices several complaints. What complaint indicated to the nurse that the client is experiencing a complication? • “I have a headache that gets worse when I sit up” • “I am having pain in my lower back when I move my legs” • “My throat hurts when I swallow” • “I feel sick to my stomach and am going to throw up” • An elderly client seems confused and reports the onset of nausea, dysuria, and urgency with incontinence. Which action should the nurse implement? • • The nurse is assisting the mother of a child with phenylketonuria (PKU) to select foods that are in keeping with the child’s dietary restrictions. Which foods are contraindicated for this child? • • Before preparing a client for the first surgical case of the day, a part-time scrub nurse asks the circulating nurse if a 3 minute surgical hand scrub is adequate preparation for this client. Which response should the circulating nurse provide? • Which breakfast selection indicates that the client understands the nurse’s instructions about the dietary management of osteoporosis? • The charge nurse of a critical care unit is informed at the beginning of the shift that less than the optimal number of registered nurses will be working that shift. In planning assignments, which client should receive the most care hours by a registered nurse (RN)? • • A mother brings her 6-year-old child, who has just stepped on a rusty nail, to the pediatrician’s office. Upon inspection, the nurse notes that the nail went through the shoe and pierced the bottom of the child’s foot. Which action should the nurse implement first? • Cleanse the foot with soap and water and apply an antibiotic ointment • Provide teaching about the need for a tetanus booster within the next 72 hours. • have the mother check the child’s temperature q4h for the next 24 hours • transfer the child to the emergency department to receive a gamma globulin injection • The mother of an adolescent tells the clinic nurse, “My son has athlete’s foot, I have been applying triple antibiotic ointment for two days, but there has been no improvement.” What instruction should the nurse provide? • A 26-year-old female client is admitted to the hospital for treatment of a simple goiter, and levothyroxine sodium (Synthroid) is prescribed. Which symptoms indicate to the nurse that the prescribed dosage is too high for this client? The client experiences • Bradycardia and constipation • Lethargy and lack of appetite • Muscle cramping and dry, flushed skin • Palpitations and shortness of breath • A client with a history of heart failure presents to the clinic with a nausea, vomiting, yellow vision and palpitations. Which finding is most important for the nurse to assess to the client? • The healthcare provider prescribes an IV solution of isoproterenol (Isuprel) 1 mg in 250 ml of D5W at 300 mcg/hour. The nurse should program the infusion pump to deliver how many ml/hour? (Enter numeric value only.) • Rationale: Convert mg to mcg and use the formula D/H x Q. 300 mcg/hour / 1,000 mcg x 250 ml = 3/1 x 25 = 75 ml/hour • The pathophysiological mechanism are responsible for ascites related to liver failure? (Select all that apply) • The nurse is auscultating a client’s heart sounds. Which description should the nurse use to document this sound? (Please listen to the audio first to select the option that applies) • Rationale: A murmur is auscultated as a swishing sound that is associated with the blood turbulence created by the heart or valvular defect. • The healthcare provider prescribes celtazidime (Fortax) 35 mg every 8 hours IM for an infant. The 500 mg vial is labeled with the instruction to add 5.3 ml diluent to provide a concentration of 100 mg/ml. How many ml should the nurse administered for each dose? (Enter numeric value only. If rounding is required, round to the nearest tenth) • rationale: 35mg/100mg x 1 = 0.35 = 0.4 ml • The nurse notes that a client has been receiving hydromorphone (Dilaudid) every six hours for four days. What assessment is most important for the nurse to complete? • Auscultate the client’s bowel sounds • Observe for edema around the ankles • Measure the client’s capillary glucose level • Count the apical and radial pulses simultaneously • Rationale: hydromorphone is a potent opioid analgesic that slows peristalsis and frequently causes constipation, so it is most important to Auscultate the client’s bowel sounds • A female client is admitted with end stage pulmonary disease is alert, oriented, and complaining of shortness of breath. The client tells the nurse that she wants “no heroic measures” taken if she stops breathing, and she asks the nurse to document this in her medical record. What action should the nurse implement? • A client is receiving a full strength continuous enteral tube feeding at 50 ml/hour and has developed diarrhea. The client has a new prescription to change the feeding to half strength. What intervention should the nurse implement? • A female client reports that her hair is becoming coarse and breaking off, that the outer part of her eyebrows have disappeared, and that her eyes are all puffy. Which follow-up question is best for the nurse to ask? • Rationale: The pattern of reported manifestations is suggestive of hypothyroidism • After a third hospitalization 6 months ago, a client is admitted to the hospital with ascites and malnutrition. The client is drowsy but responding to verbal stimuli and reports recently spitting up blood. What assessment finding warrants immediate intervention by the nurse? • Capillary refill of 8 seconds • bruises on arms and legs • round and tight abdomen • pitting edema in lower legs • After the nurse witnesses a preoperative client sign the surgical consent form, the nurse signs the form as a witness. What are the legal implications of the nurse’s signature on the client’s surgical consent form? (Select all that apply) • • Following surgery, a male client with antisocial personality disorder frequently requests that a specific nurse be assigned to his care and is belligerent when another nurse is assigned. What action should the charge nurse implement? • • A client with cervical cancer is hospitalized for insertion of a sealed internal cervical radiation implant. While providing care, the nurse finds the radiation implant in the bed. What action should the nurse take? • • The client with which type of wound is most likely to need immediate intervention by the nurse? • Laceration • Abrasion • Contusion • Ulceration • Rationale: A laceration is a wound that is produced by the tearing of soft body tissue. This type of wound is often irregular and jagged. A laceration wound is often contaminated with bacteria and debris from whatever object caused the cut. • The nurse is planning care for a client admitted with a diagnosis of pheochromocytoma. Which intervention has the highest priority for inclusion in this client’s plan of care? • Rationale:A pheochromocytoma is a rare, catecholamine-secreting tumor that may precipitate life-threatening hypertension. The tumor is malignant in 10% of cases but may be cured completely by surgical removal. Although pheochromocytoma has classically been associated with 3 syndromes—von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) syndrome, multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2 (MEN 2), and neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1)—there are now 10 genes that have been identified as sites of mutations leading to pheochromocytoma. • When caring for a client who has acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), the nurse elevates the head of the bed 30 degrees. What is the reason for this intervention? • To reduce abdominal pressure on the diaphragm • to promote retraction of the intercostal accessory muscle of respiration • to promote bronchodilation and effective airway clearance • to decrease pressure on the medullary center which stimulates breathing • Rationale: a semi-sitting position is the best position for matching ventilation and perfusion and for decreasing abdominal pressure on the diaphragm, so that the client can maximize breathing. • When assessing a mildly obese 35-year-old female client, the nurse is unable to locate the gallbladder when palpating below the liver margin at the lateral border of the rectus abdominal muscle. What is the most likely explanation for failure to locate the gallbladder by palpation? • The client is too obese • Palpating in the wrong abdominal quadrant • Deeper palpation technique is needed • The gallbladder is normal • Rationale: a normal healthy gallbladder is not palpable • A woman with an anxiety disorder calls her obstetrician’s office and tells the nurse of increased anxiety since the normal vaginal delivery of her son three weeks ago. Since she is breastfeeding, she stopped taking her antianxiety medications, but thinks she may need to start taking them again because of her increased anxiety. What response is best for the nurse to provide this woman? • describe the transmission of drugs to the infant through breast milk • encourage her to use stress relieving alternatives, such as deep breathing exercises • Inform her that some antianxiety medications are safe to take while breastfeeding • Explain that anxiety is a normal response for the mother of a 3-week-old. • Rationale: there are several antianxiety medications that are not contraindicated for breastfeeding mothers. • An older male client with a history of type 1 diabetes has not felt well the past few days and arrives at the clinic with abdominal cramping and vomiting. He is lethargic, moderately, confused, and cannot remember when he took his last dose of insulin or ate last. What action should the nurse implement first? • Start an intravenous (IV) infusion of normal saline • obtain a serum potassium level • administer the client’s usual dose of insulin • assess pupillary response to light • Rationale: the nurse should first start an intravenous infusion of normal saline to replace the fluids and electrolytes because the client has been vomiting, and it is unclear when he last ate or took insulin. The symptoms of confusion, lethargy, vomiting, and abdominal cramping are all suggestive of hyperglycemia, which also contributes to diuresis and fluid electrolyte imbalance. • A client who received multiple antihypertensive medications experiences syncope due to a drop in blood pressure to 70/40. What is the rationale for the nurse’s decision to hold the client’s scheduled antihypertensive medication? • increased urinary clearance of the multiple medications has produced diuresis and lowered the blood pressure • the antagonistic interaction among the various blood pressure medications has reduced their effectiveness • The additive effect of multiple medications has caused the blood pressure to drop too low • the synergistic effect of the multiple medications has resulted in drug toxicity and resulting hypotension • Which client is at the greatest risk for developing delirium? • An adult client who cannot sleep due to constant pain. • an older client who attempted 1 month ago • a young adult who takes antipsychotic medications twice a day • a middle-aged woman who uses a tank for supplemental oxygen • Which intervention should the nurse include in a long-term plan of care for a client with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)? • Reduce risks factors for infection • Administer high flow oxygen during sleep • Limit fluid intake to reduce secretions • Use diaphragmatic breathing to achieve better exhalation • Which location should the nurse choose as the best for beginning a screening program for hypothyroidism? • A business and professional women’s group. • An African-American senior citizens center • A daycare center in a Hispanic neighborhood • An after-school center for Native-American teens • A female client has been taking a high dose of prednisone, a corticosteroid, for several months. After stopping the medication abruptly, the client reports feeling “very tired”. Which nursing intervention is most important for the nurse to implement? • Measure vital signs • Auscultate breath sounds • Palpate the abdomen • Observe the skin for bruising • A male client reports the onset of numbness and tingling in his fingers and around his mouth. Which lab is important for the nurse to review before contacting the health care provider? • capillary glucose • urine specific gravity • Serum calcium • white blood cell count • What explanation is best for the nurse to provide a client who asks the purpose of using the log-rolling technique for turning? • working together can decrease the risk for back injury • The technique is intended to maintain straight spinal alignment. • Using two or three people increases client safety. • turning instead of pulling reduces the likelihood of skin damage • A client receiving chemotherapy has severe neutropenia. Which snack is best for the nurse to recommend to the client? • Which action should the school nurse take first when conducting a screening for scoliosis? • . • An unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) assigned to obtain client vital signs reports to the charge nurse that a client has a weak pulse with a rate of 44 beat/ minutes. What action should the charge nurse implement? • After a sudden loss of consciousness, a female client is taken to the ED and initial assessment indicate that her blood glucose level is critically low. Once her glucose level is stabilized, the client reports that was recently diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and is being treated at an outpatient clinic. Which intervention is more important to include in this client’s discharge plan? • A client with a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) line has a fever. What client assessment is most important for the nurse to perform? • . • The nurse administers an antibiotic to a client with respiratory tract infection. To evaluate the medication’s effectiveness, which laboratory values should the nurse monitor? Select all that apply • A client is admitted to isolation with the diagnosis of active tuberculosis. Which infection control measures should the nurse implement? • Negative pressure environment • contact precautions • droplet precautions • protective environment • A school nurse is called to the soccer field because a child has a nose bleed (epistaxis). In what position should the nurse place the child? • A young adult who is hit with a baseball bat on the temporal area of the left skull is conscious when admitted to the ED and is transferred to the Neurological Unit to be monitored for signs of closed head injury. Which assessment finding is indicative of a developing epidural hematoma? • A female client with breast cancer who completed her first chemotherapy treatment today at an out-patient center is preparing for discharge. Which behavior indicates that the client understands her care needs • Which instruction should the nurse provide a pregnant client who is complaining of heartburn? • A client is admitted to the intensive care unit with diabetes insipidus due to a pituitary gland tumor. Which potential complication should the nurse monitor closely? • Hypokalemia • Ketonuria. • Peripheral edema • Elevated blood pres…
Persuasive speech and powerpoint. how social media can enhance a
Prepare and present a 7-8 minute persuasive speech. Your speech should be designed to cause some change in your audience’s actions, not merely in their beliefs. Provide arguments as to why the audience should do things your way rather than continuing with their present behavior and anticipate and refute the audience’s reasons for saying “no.” Your persuasive intent should be reflected in your central idea and should be reinforced throughout the speech. The speech content must incorporate information from four credible references. Don’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay on Persuasive speech and powerpoint. how social media can enhance a Just from $13/Page Order Essay Be sure to anticipate your audience’s likely objections and address those. Please post your speech outline and your sources in appropriate bibliographic format along with the link to your video. Develop a PowerPoint presentation to support your persuasive speech. You don’t have to necessarily use this presentation during your speech, but it should be prepared as if you would use it. Include no fewer than 10 slides. Include commentary in the speaker notes section of PowerPoint slides with text that would be spoken if the slide presentation were given face-to-face. Have parallel bullet points; use phrases rather than sentences. Include effective and relevant graphics. Have a consistent format and color scheme.
Assignment: community social service agencies and resources | SOCW 6456 – Social Work Practice With Couples and Family Systems | Walden University
Don’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay on Assignment: community social service agencies and resources | SOCW 6456 – Social Work Practice With Couples and Family Systems | Walden University Just from $13/Page Order Essay Just as other areas of need and at-risk populations require additional resources and support, so do couples and families. As a helping professional, you will be required to be aware of and be able to evaluate the mental health services provided in your community, from treatment to primary preventative interventions. For this Assignment, select one issue from the following list: substance abuse domestic violence child abuse and neglect child/adolescent drug/alcohol abuse depression Identify a resource in your own community that provides primary, secondary, and tertiary services or resources for the issue you selected. Then, consider any gaps that may exist and how you might address them. The Assignment (2–3 pages) Identify the issue you selected. Describe the community resource you selected. Explain how it provides primary, secondary, and/or tertiary services or resources specifically for families and couples. Explain any gaps that may exist. Explain how you might address these gaps. Be specific. Support your Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are asked to provide a reference list for all resources, including those in the resources for this course. urman, A. S., Lebow, J. L., Snyder, D. K. (2015). Clinical handbook of couple therapy. New York, NY: The Guilford Press.Chapter 1, “Theory and Practice of Couple Therapy: History, Contemporary Models, and a Framework for Comparative Analysis” Williams, M. (2012). Couples counseling: A step by step guide for therapists. Boston, MA: Viale Publishing. Chapter 1, “Getting Started” (pp. 1–23)Chapter 2, “1st Session: Intake” (pp. 25–40) Minuchin, S. (2017). Systems therapy. Psychotherapy Networker Magazine, 41(1), 37-38. Tambling, R. B., Anderson, S. R.,
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Don’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay on Forensic biology:unit 5 discussion 5 Just from $13/Page Order Essay Forensic Biology: unit 5 discussion 5 The Discussion Board (DB) is part of the core of online learning. Classroom discussion in an online environment requires the active participation of students and the instructor to create robust interaction and dialogue. Every student is expected to create an original response to the open-ended DB question as well as engage in dialogue by responding to posts created by others throughout the week. At the end of each unit, DB participation will be assessed based on both level of engagement and the quality of the contribution to the discussion. At a minimum, each student will be expected to post an original and thoughtful response to the DB question and contribute to the weekly dialogue by responding to at least two other posts from students. The first contribution must be posted before midnight (Central Time) on Wednesday of each week. Two additional responses are required after Wednesday of each week. Students are highly encouraged to engage on the Discussion Board early and often, as that is the primary way the university tracks class attendance and participation. The purpose of the Discussion Board is to allow students to learn through sharing ideas and experiences as they relate to course content and the DB question. Because it is not possible to engage in two-way dialogue after a conversation has ended, no posts to the DB will be accepted after the end of each unit. Assignment Guidelines In 4–6 paragraphs, address the following: In your opinion, when should forensic biology be applied to criminal investigations? Explain. Provide 2 significantly different examples where forensic biology should be applied to a criminal investigation. Justify your examples. Provide 2 significantly different examples where forensic biology should NOT be applied to a criminal investigation. Justify your examples. Should the cost of forensic biology tests and activities be considered when conducting a criminal investigation? Why or why not? Explain. How do you think the field of forensic biology can be improved with regard to criminal investigations? Explain.

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