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Topic: Write your own argumentative analysis of why you think humans create monsters with…


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Topic: Write your own argumentative analysis of why you think humans create monsters with two clear examples and at least TWO quotes from the readings. (From below reads or watch) 1. Read “Why We Crave Horror Movies”, Monstrous Beginnings”, “My Zombie, Myself: Why Modern… (Links to an external site.)”, (Links to an external site.)
you can choose from one from this topic I will prefer the chapter 4 or emotional intelligence Chapter 2: Interpersonal
you can choose from one from this topic I will prefer the chapter 4 or emotional intelligence Chapter 2: Interpersonal Communication and Emotional IntelligenceChapter 3: Team Communication and Difficult ConversationsChapter 4:-Communicating Across Cultures.Find
Business Statistics – Week #3 AssignmentWeek 3 AssignmentQuestion 1Seventy percent of the students applying to a university are accepted. Using
Business Statistics – Week #3 AssignmentWeek 3 AssignmentQuestion 1Seventy percent of the students applying to a university are accepted. Using the binomial probability tables or Excel, what is the probability that among the next 18 applicants:A.At least 6 will be accepted?B.Exactly 10 will be accepted?C.Exactly 5 will be rejected?D.Fifteen or more will be accepted?E.Determine the expected number of acceptances.F.Compute the standard deviation.Question 2Scores on a recent national statistics exam were normally distributed with a mean of 80 and a standard deviation of 6.A.What is the probability that a randomly selected exam will have a score of at least 71?B.What percentage of exams will have scores between 89 and 92?C.If the top 2.5% of test scores receive merit awards, what is the lowest score eligible for an award?
Please read the article Hospitality and COVID-19: How long until ‘no vacancy’ for US hotels? (Links to an external site.)and
Please read the article Hospitality and COVID-19: How long until ‘no vacancy’ for US hotels? (Links to an external site.)and then think about the question ‘as a hospitality service manager, what can we do in the age of Coronavirus?’ (e.g., how to improve service quality, how to strengthen customer relationship). Probably, the following article will be a great example of response to the question. Example: Make it better, not just safer: The opportunity to reinvent travel. (Links to an external site.)Please write a 1-2 paragraph description of your idea about the question using this discussion board (‘Reply’). You may use a certain hotel name such as MGM in order to make your idea more sound and reasonable.
Data sampling is a common strategy used to test and draw conclusions about a larger group of data. Review the
Data sampling is a common strategy used to test and draw conclusions about a larger group of data. Review the CDC’s sample statistics on infectious diseases. (https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/infectious-immune.htm) Discuss the key elements or guidelines for accurately sampling data, as well as associated risks and benefits of sampling. Provide an example from the CDC data. Also, reply to the two posts below, title each reply as post1 reply/ post2 reply.POST1Hello to all,For this week’s forum, I will be talking about data sampling.Data sampling is basically a statistical tool that is used to analyze trends and patterns in a piece of data that is part of the larger data set being examined (Calvello, 2020). According to Calvello (2020), the process of data sampling is a “statistical analysis method that helps to draw conclusions about populations from samples.” The first step of the process is identifying the population that is going to be analyzed which can be done by questionnaires, polls, surveys, or interviews (Calvello, 2020). After this information has been collected, the sampling frame would have to be selected. The sampling frame is the list of people forming the population that the sample will be taken from (Calvello, 2020). The next step involves choosing a sampling method which is broken up into two categories: probability sampling and non-probability sampling (Calvello, 2020). In the fourth step, the sample size must be chosen and the last step involves collecting the data from the sample (Calvello, 2020). After looking for the process of how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) samples their data, I finally found some information. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, the CDC uses personal interviews, physical examinations and laboratory tests to identify the population that will be analyzed (“Summary”, 2019). One of the data items that they were analyzing was “selected diseases and conditions, including those undiagnosed or undetected” (“Summary”, 2019). Their sampling size was 5,000 individuals of all ages per year, oversample individuals 60 years of age and older, and oversample Black, Asian, and Hispanic individuals (“Summary”, 2019). This survey also included the disparity variables, frequency and future plans on the data collection.-TaylerReferencesCalvello, M. (2020). How to See the Bigger Picture with Data Sampling. G2. Retrieved from https://learn.g2.com/data-sampling.Summary of Current Surveys and Data Collection Systems. (2019). National Center for Health Statistics. Retrieved from https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/factsheets/survey_matrix_2017.pdf.POST2In order to process data sampling there should be a defined target population that represents a specific portion within a bigger population that could serve as a primary source for research. Once there is a target population, choosing a sampling frame that produces a list of people within that target population to contribute to the research. Then determine the data sampling size in which to base conclusions from once they participate in the process. The CDC sample statistics are categorized by morbidity by disease case, physician office visits, and emergency department visits nationally. They have data sampling for every disease listed within the CDC along with each sub disease. Some associated risks with data sampling is biased data that is reported, which could threaten the accuracy upon collection of data. According to Gawron he says, “You need solid numbers and reliable insights,” and that web-data sampling could result in a decrease of accuracy. However, he says that if you fully understand how data sampling works than the less risks there are associated with biased information. There are many benefits to data sampling so do not let one website deter you from data sampling. Data sampling saves time by reducing the volume of data collected, it also reduces the cost when collecting data from a portion of the population rather than the whole population where some data may be rendered useless. Data sampling also gives detailed information during a study in which they can then categorize the information where they see fit. The CDC fast stats on National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey reports that, “The 2016 NAMCS sample included 3,699 physicians. A total of 1,377 physicians did not meet all of the criteria and were ruled out of scope (ineligible) for the study. Of the 2,080 in-scope (eligible) physicians, 677 completed patient record forms (PRFs) in the study. PRFs were not completed by 185 physicians because they saw no patients during their sample week due to vacation, illness, or other reasons for temporarily not being in practice. Of the 677 physicians who completed PRFs, 536 participated fully or adequately (i.e., at least one-half of the expected PRFs were submitted, based on the total number of visits during the reporting week), and 141 participated minimally (i.e., fewer than one-half of the expected number of PRFs were submitted). Within physician practices, data are abstracted from medical records for up to 30 sampled visits during a randomly assigned 1-week reporting period. In all, 13,165 PRFs were submitted.” These reports accounted for the majority of sampled records through data sampling. Data sampling can be a good and bad thing if used and understood correctly, using the information gathered will create good reports of data sampling.FastStats – Infectious Disease. (2017, January 19). Retrieved June 27, 2020, from https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/infectious-disease.htmGawron, K. (2020, May 18). What is Data Sampling and Why Should You Avoid It? Retrieved June 27, 2020, from https://piwik.pro/blog/what-is-data-sampling/Sampling in Primary Data Collection. (n.d.). Retrieved June 27, 2020, from https://research-methodology.net/sampling-in-primary-data-collection/National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey: 2016 … (n.d.). Retrieved June 27, 2020, from https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nhamcs/web_tables/2016_ed_web_tables.pdf
Instructions: Compose an internal persuasive proposal for solving a problem that stifles productivity on the job OR a problem in
Instructions: Compose an internal persuasive proposal for solving a problem that stifles productivity on the job OR a problem in college that inhibits learning or safety. Choose a problem where the resolution depends on common sense, observation, and moderate research. Preparation – Toulmin Elements: Review ‘Structure of an Internal Proposal’ in the textbook. Be sure to study how the Toulmin elements are incorporated in each content area of the proposal. Be sure to compose your proposal accordingly. Review Illustrations: Use the Sample Internal Proposal as your guide for content arrangement Use the Spacing illustration as your guide for formatting Use the Toulmin illustration as your guide for proper placement of Toulmin Elements Content Areas: The content areas below are the minimum required and are mandatory. Subject Line Background Statement of the problem [Not just a sub-heading, a brief description of the problem] Proposed solution [Not just a sub-heading, a brief description of the solution] Proposed Plan [Not just a sub-heading, a detailed description of methods used to implement the solution. Costs Benefits of the proposed solution [forecast of benefits] Conclusion Format: Minimum 2 – Single –spaced pages 12-point type size – Times New Roman font style 1-inch margins Alignment: justified No indentsOne-line space to separate paragraphs and sections
3 problems using solver addin. Excel workbook has to be completed.
I need to have the below 3 problems completed using Excel solver add in. He gives us the objective function value, but I am struggling coming up with the right objective value. Project is due on 7/5/20 at midnight. I need to have this completed. Please send me quotes on this project.I will need the excel workbook to turn in with solver solutions. 1. Golding Landscaping and Plants, Inc. (Ans: Objective Function Value $3.35) Kenneth and Patricia Golding spent a career as a husband-and-wife real estate investment partnership in Washington, DC. When they finally retired to a 25-acre farm in northern Virginia’s Fairfax County, they became ardent amateur gardeners. Kenneth planted shrubs and fruit trees, and Patricia spent her hours potting all sizes of plants. When the volume of shrubs and plants reached the point that the Goldings began to think of their hobby in a serious vein, they built a greenhouse adjacent to their home and installed heating and watering systems. By 2005, the Goldings realized that their retirement from real estate had really only led to a second career—in the plant and shrub business—and they filed for a Virginia business license. Within a matter of months, they asked their attorney to file incorporation documents and formed the firm Golding Landscaping and Plants, Inc. Early in the new business’s existence, Kenneth Golding recognized the need for a high-quality commercial fertilizer that he could blend himself, both for sale and for his own nursery. His goal was to keep his costs to a minimum while producing a top-notch product that was especially suited to the northern Virginia climate. Working with chemists at George Mason University, Golding blended “Golding-Grow.” It consists of four chemical compounds: C-30, C-92, D-21, and E-11. The cost per pound for each compound is indicated in the following table: Chemical Compound Cost Per Pound ($) C-30 0.12 C-92 0.09 D-21 0.11 E-11 0.04 The specifications for Golding-Grow are as follows: a. Chemical E-11 must comprise at least 15% of the blend. b. C-92 and C-30 must together constitute at least 45% of the blend. c. D-21 and C-92 can together constitute no more than 30% of the blend. d. Golding-Grow is packaged and sold in 50-pound bags. 1. Formulate an LP problem to determine what blend of the four chemicals will allow Golding to minimize the cost of a 50-pound bag of the fertilizer. 2. Solve by using Excel to find the best solution. 2. A Blending Problem (Objective Value 3.97) A 16-ounce can of Spotted Owl food must contain protein, carbohydrate, and fat in at least the following amounts: 1. Protein: 48 grams 2. Carbohydrate: 84 grams 3. Fat: 64 grams Four types of food mix are available to be blended together in various proportions to produce a least-cost can of owl food satisfying these requirements. The contents per ounce and prices per ounce of each mix are given in the table: Mix Number: 1 2 3 4 Price per ounce: $0.25 $0.38 $0.18 $0.33 Protein (gm/oz.): 3 5 2 3 Carbohydrate (gm/oz.): 7 4 2 8 Fat (gm/oz.): 5 6 6 2 Each 16 ounce can must be filled with a combination of only these 4 mixes. Formulate and solve this blending problem as a linear programming problem. 3.Staff Scheduling (Optimal Objective value: 1456) The director of the computer center for a college is responsible for scheduling the center’s staff. The center is open from 8 am until midnight. The director has monitored the usage of the center at various intervals throughout the day and determined that the following numbers of computer consultants are required. Time of Day Minimum number of Consultants Required 8 am – noon 4 noon – 4 pm 8 4 pm – 8 pm 10 8 pm – midnight 6 Full-time and part-time consultants can be hired. The full-time consultants work for eight consecutive hours in any of the following shifts: morning (8 am – 4 pm), afternoon (noon – 8 pm), and evening (4 pm – midnight). Full-time consultants are paid $14 per hour. Part-time consultants can be hired to work any of the four shifts listed in the table. Part-time consultants are paid $12 per hour. An additional requirement is that during every time period, at least one full-time consultant must be on duty for every part-time consultant on duty (read as the number of full time consultants must be at least as much as the part time consultants). Determine a minimum cost staffing plan for the center.
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Responses should be substantive and thoughtful, but they need not be formal. They should be in standard written English, though,
Responses should be substantive and thoughtful, but they need not be formal. They should be in standard written English, though, not text-speak. You are welcome to comment “I totally agree with you, Jane” or “Great point, Bill” but these will not be considered substantive enough for credit. Responses should expand on a point, disagree with a point, compare or contrast to another passage or text, or explore a new way to look at the craft point. Make sure you read all the responses before yours, and please refer to others who have responded before you by name when appropriate (e.g., “Although I agree with what Susie said about Wallace’s repetition, I think what he was really after was a sense of . . . .” ). Do not simply repeat a response that has been submitted before yours. This would be plagiarism.Shumaker (2012), one of the book’s contributors, The Rose Metal Press Field Guild to Writing Flash Nonfiction, focuses her article on the importance of a writer ensuring that they create a sense of location for their readers in their texts and proses. In her article, Shumaker (2012), emphasizes that “Once time, place, and character are established on the page, the reader has plenty to hang on to.” Shumaker (2012), therefore, suggests that one of the most vital elements that determine whether readers not only understand and relate to the text but also follow on the insights and remain interested and engaged by the material they read is the writer’s skill to define the place, time and the characters. Can you identify how Peggy Shumaker employs the definition of time, place, and character in her story “Moving water, Tucson” to create a sense of location?In Voices in Flash Nonfiction, Sue William Silverman states, “The “I” in nonfiction is a literary device used to enhance and explore complicated truths”. The statement runs deep because it exemplifies the writers’ experiences that readers may connect with through their life endeavors. Alternatively, writing about the self allows the audience to be drawn into the emotions that authors are trying to elucidate. Silverman continues to state that the persona in novels should be as complicated as people’s lives to make stories heartfelt and have sensory images. The route, which is taken by most writers, keep the target hooked to the narrative from the start to the end without merely skimming through to get to the ending. Therefore, the narrator is the self artistically constructed to project innocence and experience voices. The prior describes the event while the latter interprets and invites the audience to reflect on it. Hence, the storyteller maintains a consistent narrative while also exploring the basis of self-discovery. The two crafted voices used in nonfictions display what authors have experienced in all dimensions because of the incorporation of raw and inexplicable emotions and the mature persona. For example, if the narrator states that he or she is lonely, the reason for this emotion is explained by the voice of experience. Indubitably, the incorporation of the two expressions transforms the narrative from a mere recollection to a lived moment. The two artistic devices are flexible and can be incorporated into an essay at any time. For instance, Silverman starts with a straightforward method in Archipelago’s first paragraph by describing boarding a plane for the West Indies and then reflecting on life in the United States. The concerning question is how the voices can be incorporated without losing the original idea. Secondly, does it imply that essays that do not use this literary construction do not capture the readers’ attention?When Jennifer Sinor discusses the subject of voice , she claims that “only when you fully understand a subject… does that confidence translate to voice on the page”. I found this interesting in the context, as she also claims to know a subject you must know it almost intimately, something i can partially agree on. However, do nonfiction concepts have to rely on an intimate knowledge of a subject for a voice to appear, or will some pieces create no voice on their own?In The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Nonfiction, Jennifer Sinor states, “It is because he has so deeply explored his subject—literally in primary and secondary source material, as well as reflectively in the way he has carried the piece with him through the days— that we recognize an author, one with authority over what he writes.” Sinor uses this statement to explain what “voice” is in writing. She explains that it is not something you can see, but it is something you identify as you read a piece. When using voice in our writing, it should come from a place of deep understanding and thought about our subject, because that is how we create a quality voice. When writing about a topic, you should express you own experience of it to communicate your voice. How can you create voice in your writing when it’s not something you can just see on the page?
Please write a 10 to 12-line comment in response to ONE of the questions below. The questions are based on
Please write a 10 to 12-line comment in response to ONE of the questions below. The questions are based on the reading for UNIT THREE (play The Brothers Menaechmus)1) The Roman playwright Plautus was one of the first Western authors to use mistaken identity plots in his comedies. Why do you think mistaken identity has remained a common source for laughter in comedies for the past two thousand years? Are mistaken identity plots particularly rewarding for the audience?2) Plautus is (in)famous for having introducing two stereotypical female characters into Western comedy: the nagging wife and the greedy mistress ( or prostitute). In your view, can the audience still feel sympathy for the two female characters (the WIFE and EROTIUM) although they are poorly treated by the male characters in the play? Take into consideration that the audience does not necessarily need to share the view of certain characters by other characters on stage.3) In which way is the master-slave relationship between MENAECHMUS II and Messenio an important part of this comedy? [Some background information: Slaves were frequently freed by their masters in the Roman Empire, unlike in Athens. The famous Roman comedic playwright Terence was a freed slave from Africa. Slave-master relationships are central to Roman comedy, and often mirror the wishful thinking of the ruling class that slaves would remain loyal to their masters if they should be freed.]PLEASE INDICATE AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR COMMENT WHICH QUESTION YOU ARE REPLYING TO.CONCLUDE YOUR COMMENT WITH A QUESTION FOR THE REST OF THE CLASS.BRIEFLY ANSWER ONE OF THE QUESTIONS THAT YOUR CLASSMATES POSTED.

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