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20 Aug

Total Building Performance | Good Grade Guarantee!

Assignment 1You have started an internship with a Facility Management Consultancy. Your mentor/supervisor calls you into her office.“We have just received a commission from a new client. They are a major national business that is growing quickly and are looking for accommodation to consolidate their national office. They have engaged a property agency to find suitable space and want us to write a performance brief for this agency.It is important to our client that they are recognised as an employer of choice so the accommodation has to perform well in terms of user comfort, productivity, access, health and safety, and environmentally sustainability. They have a corporate policy to offer handicapped persons employment opportunities where they are able to perform the necessary functions.They have provided the property agency with a list of the space requirements and the performance brief from us should enable them to assess whether properties are suitable, either as is, or with reasonably affordable and technically feasible fit-out or retrofitting.The space requirements include an open plan general office with space for 20 to 25 work stations, including hot-desking, 5-8 private offices for section heads, 2 meeting rooms, a print/equipment room, kitchenette and staff meal room, storage and other ancillary space. There needs to be controlled access for visitors to the meeting rooms, and the accommodation needs to operate on extended hours and weekends.What I would like you to do is to prepare a performance brief that identifies the various considerations including the technical, physical, psychological and regulatory requirements, the acceptable performance criteria and how these should be assessed, individually and holistically.Organise it so that it is easy to follow and implement, and will enable our client to evaluate the property agents recommendations.I anticipate that there will be a follow up assignment from the client when possible accommodation has been identified

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