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5 Feb

Understanding and Approaching Assignment :… | Good Grade Guarantee!

26/04/20191SOY00411- Tourism Theories and PracticesUnderstanding and Approaching Assignment 3: EssayDr Jo Munn, CTL, 2019.
Understandthe task
Turnitin26/04/20192Essay task:Using relevant theories and models explored in this unit, write anessay in which you first explain why the phenomenon of ‘overtourism’(also referred to as ‘anti-tourism’) has emerged to become a significantissue for certain tourism destinations in recent years, and, second,suggest ways by which relevant tourism stakeholder organisations (atglobal, national and local levels), could help to address this issue.
Understandthe taskCriteria High Distinction Distinction Credit Pass FailIntroduction10%Excellent. Defines key conceptsextremely well and clearly introducesthe reader to the problem beingexplored in the essayVery good. Defines keyconcepts very well andclearly introduces the readerto the problem beingexplored in the essayA good introduction; identifieskey concepts; good overview ofthe essay providedSatisfactory Introduction.Provides a context for the essaybut at a somewhat superficiallevelDoes not provide an adequateIntroduction. Difficult to knowwhat the essay will be about. Notcoherent.Uses relevant theories and modelsto explain overtourism20%Excellent use of appropriate theoriesand models; demonstrates a relativelysophisticated understanding and hasapplied them appropriatelyVery good use ofappropriate models andtheories; demonstrates awell developed ability toapply them to explainovertourismGood use of key theories andmodels; able to apply themreasonably well to explainovertourismUses some relevanttheories/models and appliesthem at a satisfactory levelalthough not at a very welldeveloped levelDoes not use relevant theories ormodels that enable overtourismto be explained. Does notdemonstrate an understanding ofthese theories or models or anability to apply them.Demonstrates, with examples, howstakeholder organisations operatingat global, national and local levelscan help address the problem ofovertourism20%Excellent examples, very relevant,from a range of scales which showhow these organisations can help toaddress the problem of overtourismVery good examples,relevant, from a range ofscales which show howthese organisations can helpto address the problem ofovertourismGenerally good examplesselected to provide a goodunderstanding of how theseorganisations can help addressthe problem of overtourismSome examples which are usedto provide a satisfactoryunderstanding of how theseorganisations can help addressthe problem of overtourismDoes not provide suitableexamples of stakeholderorganisations and/or is unable toshow how they can help addressthe problem of overtourismConclusion which sums up theoverall argument and identifies keylearning outcomes10%Excellent conclusion in which you notonly provide a summary of yourargument but also clearly show whatconclusions that you can make fromyour examination of overtourismVery good conclusion inwhich provide a goodsummary and also identifysome key conclusionsGood summary of the mainargument of the essay;conclusions not well developedProvides an adequate summary ofthe main argument but do notidentify specific conclusionsWeak; does not provide anadequate summary nor does itidentify key learning outcomesUse of appropriate academicreferences10%Excellent use of appropriate academicreferences; highly relevant; evidence ofcomprehensive literature searchVery good use of appropriatereferences; evidence ofwide-ranging literaturesearchGood use of appropriatereferences; some evidence ofindependent literature searchSatisfactory use of academicreferences but does not gobeyond the minimum requiredInadequate use of academicreferencesIn-text referencing correct10%All in-text citations are correctlyreferencedMost in-text references arecorrect; a few minor errorsIn-text references are mostlycorrect although there are someerrors or inconsistenciesDemonstrates ability to citereferences in-text but there aresome errors or inconsistenciesIncorrect referencing; too manyreferencing issuesCorrect bibliography construction10%Bibliography is free of errors andcorrectly constructedBibliography is mostly free oferrorsGenerally free of major errors, butsome errors do existDemonstrates ability to constructreference list but there are someerrorsIncorrect construction ofbibliographyOverall presentation; writing style;spelling and grammar10%Excellent level of presentation: free ofspelling and grammatical errors;extremely well written, logicalstructuredVery good level ofpresentation; free or mostlyfree of spelling andgrammatical errors; wellwritten and structuredGood level of presentation; somespelling or grammatical errors;generally written competentlySatisfactory level of presentationalthough writing style needs to beimproved; clumsy sentenceconstruction; transitions betweenparagraphs not well madePoorly presented essay; spellingand grammatical errors; poorwritten expression; poorstructureRubric26/04/20193What is expected in an academic essay
Understandthe taskExcellent. Defines key concepts extremely well andclearly introduces the reader to the problem beingexplored in the essay.Excellent conclusion in which you not only provide asummary of your argument but also clearly show whatconclusions that you can make from your examination ofovertourism.Reference ListExcellent use of appropriate theories andmodels to explain overtourism; demonstratesa relatively sophisticated understanding andhas applied them appropriately.Demonstrates, with excellent , very relevantexamples, how stakeholder organisations operatingat global, national and local levels can help addressthe problem of overtourism.Excellent level of presentation:free of spelling and grammaticalerrors; extremely well written,logical structuredExcellent use of appropriateacademic references; highlyrelevant; evidence ofcomprehensive literaturesearchBibliography is free oferrors and correctlyconstructedAll in-text citations arecorrectly referencedSource Overtourism/define/ key conceptsRelevant theories/modelsWhy is overtourism asignificant issue?Examples oforganisationsaddressing OT issues(G, L, N)Me (Brainstorm)Ref 1 (year)Ref 2 (year)Ref 3 (year)Ref 4 (year)Ref 5 (year)
PlanningWhat resources do I have, what keyword/ short terms databases etc to search26/04/20194• What sources do you have• Class notes• MyReadings• The conversation- overtourism a growing global problem• text book• Library searches-• Excellent use of appropriate academic references; highly relevant; evidence ofcomprehensive literature search
GatheringinformationSynthesis gridSource Overtourism/ define/ keyconceptsRelevant theories/ models Why is overtourism asignificant issue?Examples of organisationsaddressing OT issues (G, L, N)Me (Brainstorm)Ref 1 (year)Ref 2 (year)Ref 3 (year)Ref 4 (year)Ref 5 (year)3.Gatheringinformation Organise notes as you read your sources to gather information for your essay26/04/20195• Orientation to the question• Thesis statement• Outline of the main points you are going to discuss in the essay: (Main Points A, B, C …)
DraftingINTROBODYDevelop each main point in order in one or more paragraphsPoint AParagraph 1:• Topic sentence• Support evidence and examples• (Concluding sentence – optional)If you need more than one paragraph repeat the same patternPoint BParagraph structure• PEEL/S model:• Point – first sentence states the main idea• Evidence – supporting evidence & examples to develop the idea ( in-text citations in Harvard format)• Explain – explains relevance to point you are making• Link (or Summary) – sums up paragraph and links back to main point or assignment topic, or nextparagraph• 1 idea per paragraph
Drafting26/04/20196Example paragraph going through these featuresEvents can impact positively on the host community in a number of ways. According to Jago and Shaw (1999)events can lead to increased visitation to a region and act as a boost to employment and the economy in theregion. They can also act as a catalyst for development which can improve a destination’s image as illustratedby the following example. When Brisbane hosted Expo 88, existing infrastructure such as railway stations wereused and a monorail constructed involving associated development of an unsightly part of the city.Subsequently, the area has become one of the most popular areas of Brisbane to visit (Timms 2000).Furthermore, Allen et al. (2002) argue that special events can reduce fluctuations experienced by operators asa result of the seasonal aspects of tourism and fill in the ‘soft spots’ which assists tourism suppliers such ashotels, tour operators and airlines. Benefits also include an increase in a sense of community pride, such aswhen Sydney hosted the 2000 Olympics (Timms 2005), or raising awareness of community and culturaldiversity through events such as the Lygon Street Festival in Melbourne (Allen et al. 2002). All of these positiveimpacts contribute to a likelihood of the host community embracing future tourism events and are highlyrelevant to for tourism in Australia.• Orientation to the question• Thesis statement• Outline of the main points you are going to discuss in the essay: (Main Points A, B, C …)4.DraftingINTROBODYDevelop each main point in order in one or more paragraphsPoint AParagraph 1:• Topic sentence (POINT)• Support evidence and examples (EVIDENCE/ EXPLAIN)• (Concluding sentence – optional) (LINK/SUMMARY)If you need more than one paragraph repeat the same patternPoint BPoint CPoint DCONCLUSIONRestate/summarise your main points. Final statement, which tells the reader what you haveachieved, discovered, concluded.26/04/20197Don’t forget your reference list (bibliography)• Use the SCU Harvard lib guide to assist to correctly format yourreferenceshttps://libguides.scu.edu.au/HarvardThis guide contains brief videos to help you understand how toreference correctly
Editing/proofreadingUse marking rubricto evaluate andreflectFlow of ideas,cohesive and clearSpelling/ grammar/punctuation/typographical errors
TurnitinHarvard Referencingformat• Quick Guide• Studiosity26/04/20198
TurnitinUpload draftassignment;generate TurnitinreportSee: Cliphttps://youtu.be/6ggtNnkg0P8Review report andedit workSee: Clipshttps://youtu.be/WabTxmOY5hkhttps://youtu.be/Jz5LIuwRFAgUpload FINALassignment formarkingSupport Resources:Academic Skills Quick Guides• A model essay structure• Structuring the paragraphs in the body of your essay (this guide contains the intro and conclusion paragraphs as well)• Writing the introduction• Writing conclusion paragraphs (this guide contains the body and introduction paragraphs as well)• Editing your assignmentHarvard Referencing Guide• https://libguides.scu.edu.au/Harvard• Academic Skills – Written feedback or assignment consultation• Studiosity – Written feedbackAccess via LEARNING HELPon the left hand menu ofyour Blackboard site

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